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The Wyndham Community Resource Centre (CRC) is managed by the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and is an active member of the WA Community Resource Network (WACRN) group. It plays an important role in the business and social development of our community and provides a welcoming environment where community members and visitors can find support, networks, training, events and resources that empower them. Services include computer access and training, room and equipment hire, and support for local events and other not for profits and groups.

The Wyndham CRC values your enquiries about our services. Please come into the centre, email or phone us with your enquiry or sign up to our mailing list to ensure you never miss any upcoming activities and events.

Location and Opening Hours

The Community Resource Centre is located in the Shire office at Koolama Street, Wyndham, and is open to the public Monday to Friday 8am - 12pm, and 1pm - 4pm. 

Phone: (08) 9161 1200
Fax:      (08) 9161 1295
Email:   WyndhamCRC@swek.wa.gov.au

About the West Australian Community Resource Network

The Association of West Australian Community Resource Centres (AWACRC) is the independent representative and supportive body for CRCs.  The Western Australian Community Resource Network (WACRN) is funded from the State government’s Royalties for Regions program and comprises over 109 rural, remote and regional CRC centres. CRCs provide access to government and community services and information, and undertake community, business and economic development activities.

Our Services, Fees and Charges

Services, Fees and Charges

In addition to onsite equipment, facilities and services, the Wyndham CRC provides Portable Training Room services, including 5 laptops configured with Windows 7 and MS Office Professional 2010, and 4 iPads for hire on a daily or weekly rate. 

Other services include designing, printing or creating PDF documents for flyers, newsletters, posters, business cards and more.

SWEK Youth Film & Multimedia Program

The Wyndham School holiday Multi Media program held from 4 to 15 July has come to a close after 2 weeks of fun and film!

Participants gained skills in photography, acting, film making and the operation of cutting edge multimedia technology such as light painting and the pixel stick which are often used to create special effects in today’s popular music videos.  The young people are now skilled in using the equipment as a means of having their own safe, fun and potentially money earning forms of expression.  As the cameras and supporting equipment are here to stay as part of Shire’s Wyndham Youth program these participants will continue to have access to the opportunity to build their multimedia skills.

With the ability to create content and knowing how to upload it online, a key component of the course involved Esmart learning workshops bringing the participant’s awareness to the serious realities of posting content for the world to see. 

It was amazing to see the level of community participation with people helping out where they could. Thank you to the Rusty Shed for the food each day, thank you to Sala, Bonita and Silkah for volunteering and to Kale for allowing us to hijack him for a cameo role!

The multimedia program, developed and facilitated by the Shires Youth Officer Jessica Green, was funded by the RIPIA program and Wyndham CRC. A huge thank you to all of the participants for being so fun and welcoming to our guest facilitators Byron Bay Experience who had a wonderful time working with our beautiful young people.

The Shire’s Wyndham Youth Service is very proud of the work done by the participants.  Everything in the production was done by the young people of Wyndham, from planning, storyboarding, directing, filming. 

The film was screened at the Wyndham Picture Gardens on Friday 15 July followed by a Disco after party BBQ, at the Ted Birch Youth and Recreation Centre. It can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/175306563

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