Integrated planning and reporting

Integrated planning and reporting is an organisational framework used to identify our priorities that drive the Shire’s operations. The framework consists of number of strategic plans for identifying and prioritising local issues.

The strategic plans set the goals and direction for the Shire's future activities. It integrates asset, service and financial plans so that the Shires resource capabilities match our community’s needs. The most important of these is the Shire's Strategic Community Plan.

The Framework also helps ensure Council’s decisions consider the long-term future and the community’s aspirations into account to deliver the best results possible with the resources available.

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Strategic Community Plan

A strategic community plan is a long-term overarching document that sets out our community’s vision and aspirations for the future. It also sets out the key strategies and high-level actions required to achieve these aspirations. The strategic community plan identifies how we will get from where we are now to where we want to be.

The purpose of a strategic community plan is to:

  • Acknowledge community aspirations and priorities.
  • Provide an opportunity for participation by the community in decision‑making processes.
  • Coordinate decision‑making and use of resources of the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and other organisations working with and in the community.
  • Provide a long‑term focus for the delivery of facilities and services by the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and other organisations working with and in the community.
  • Provide a basis for accountability.

The Plan has three broad strategic themes:

  1. Strong leadership and governance that underpins a more strategic approach to community engagement, regional development and organisational sustainability
  2. Greater returns from regional investment to ensure sustainable provision of appropriate physical and social infrastructure
  3. Protection and enhancement of lifestyle values, community facilities and the environment to provide safe and inviting communities.

The Strategic Community Plan was developed in 2013 through extensive community consultation. In 2015 the Shire conducted a two-year strategic review of the Plan through consideration of resident priorities, trends and drivers impacting the Shire.

Progress against the objectives will be reported in the Shire's Annual Report.

Strategic Community Plan

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan sets out the projects and services the Shire will deliver over the next 4 years that work towards achieving the outcomes identified in the Community Strategic Plan.  The plan is reviewed annually to reflect potential new opportunities and challenges that emerge, while delivering the Shire's long-term vision.

For further information regarding the Corporate Business Plan, please click here

Corporate Business Plan

Annual Budget

The Annual Budget is the annual operation plan. This plan contains a high level of detail of the Shire’s budget, actions and projects, and is developed each year for the next four years based on the Corporate Business Plan.

Annual Budget

Informing Strategies

Informing strategies inform the Corporate Business Plan to activate Strategic Community Plan priorities

Workforce Plan

The Workforce Plan outlines how we will ensure the Shire has the staff with the skills to deliver the agreed outcomes over the next 10 years.

Workforce Plan 2017-2027

Asset Management Strategy and Plan

The Asset Management Strategy and Plan provide detailed information on the type and condition of our assets and their expected renewal requirements. They are prepared to assist council in improving the way it delivers services from infrastructure.

Asset Management Plan
Asset Management Strategy

Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan is a ten-year rolling plan that indicates a local government’s long term financial sustainability, allows early identification of financial issues and their longer term impacts, and enhances the transparency and accountability of the Council to the community.

Long Term Financial Plan

Community feedback

We recognise that the Shire is able to make better informed decisions when it engages with the community. the Community Strategic Plan is a living document and we welcome and encourage your feedback and input into the plan.  

If you wish to provide input into the future plan for the Shire please use the simple survey tool by following the link below:

For further information regarding Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, please contact Christopher Grant at