Fire Management

Ranger Services has a number of Bush Fire Control Officers that are responsible for investigating and monitoring residential and commercial properties within the Shire’s built up area for potential fire hazards and compliance with the Bush Fire Act and Regulations.


The Shire’s Infrastructure Directorate assists Department of Fire and Emergency (DFES) with the monitoring, reporting and control of bushfires within its Municipal boundary. The Shire’s Deputy Fire Control Officer has responsibilities and some delegated powers under the Bushfire Act including liaison with various appointed Fire Control Officers at rural stations.

Pursuant to Appendix 4: Bush Fires Act Prohibited and Restricted Burning Times, Wyndham/East Kimberley restricted burning period each year is between 1 April to 14 January.

Applications for burning off, or for conducting firefighting drills, should be made to the Fire Control Officers. Some approvals may need to be sought from the Minister. For further information, contact the Shire’s Fire Control Officers, on (08) 9168 4100 during business office hours. 

Information relating to the Bushfires Act and control of bushfires is available at

Burning Within Town Limits

A fire lit for the purpose of destroying garden refuse or any like purpose.

A fire shall not be lit without a permit from the Shire or during the Restricted Burning Period.

A fire shall not be lit for the purpose of destroying garden refuse or rubbish or for any like purpose unless the fire is lit:

  • In a properly constructed device designed to prevent the escape of sparks or burning material
  • Situated not less than 2 metres from any building or fence.
  • All inflammable material must be cleared from within 2 metres of the device.
  • In accordance with any directions given by a Fire Control Officer.
  • All bush or other flammable materials must be thoroughly cleared within 5 metres at all points of the site of the fire.
  • Can only be lit between the hours of 18:00hrs in the evening and 23:00hrs of the same day and shall be completely extinguished not later than midnight of that day.

In accordance with any directions given by a Fire Control Officer.

A fire may not be lit if the fire danger forecast is “very high” or “extreme”.

Details of daily fire ratings can be found at


During the Shire's restricted burning times, a person must have a permit to burn prior to burning.

Permits are at no cost to the applicant however, they can only be issued by authorised Fire Control Officers. To obtain a permit contact a Fire Control Officer at the Shire office.

Appointed FCO's (Fire Control Officers) require 48 hours notice to assess an application.  Applications must include supporting documentation including:

  • Burn plans of the proposed area;
  • Type of material proposed to burn;
  • Dates of proposed burn; and
  • Contact details.

Late applications may result in the permit being denied.

 A fire lit for the purpose of Camping/Cooking

A person can light a small fire for the purpose of cooking at any time of the year, unless the fire danger forecast is “very high” or extreme”.

  • Fires must be cleared of any inflammable material within a 3 metre radius.
  • Fires shall not be lit within 6 metres of a tree, dead or alive.
  • At least one person MUST remain in attendance of fire.
  • Any directions given by a Bush Fire Control Officer must be followed.
  • Can only be lit between the hours of 18:00hrs in the evening and 23:00hrs of the same day.

Click here for a FIre Permit Request Supporting Information form.

Cooking With Gas Appliances

A gas lit appliance comprising a fire, the flame of which is encapsulated by the appliance and which does not consume solid fuel shall not be taken as to be a fire lit in the open air and may be used at any time for the purpose of camping or cooking if that gas appliance is used-

  • At a person’s home, or
  • In an area that is set aside for that purpose by the state authority or local government that bears a sign denoting that purpose.

All combustible material is cleared from within a 5 metre radius of the appliance.

A fire shall not be lit during the Restricted Period unless and until notice of intention to burn has been given to the occupier of all land adjoining the land on which the burning is to take place and to a Fire Control Officer from the Shire.

A person who has lit a fire or person left in attendance of a fire shall completely extinguish the fire by application of water or earth before leaving it.