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Online Form - Community Quick Grant Application

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The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley offers financial assistance to community organisations through Community Quick Grants and Annual Community Grants.  These guidelines outline the requirements of Community Quick Grants and how you can access them.

Community Quick Grants are for amounts of $500 or less and are quick and easy to access at any time of the year, subject to allocated funding.  They don’t require any matching contributions, although organisations that show how they are contributing will be viewed favourably. 

What are Community Quick Grants used for?

Community Quick Grants are typically used to help not for profit community organisations meet their stated objectives.  Projects should be in keeping with the Council's strategic direction and objectives as noted in The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley Strategic Community Plan.

Some examples of previous successful Community Grants have included:

  • Kununurra Softball Association        40th Anniversary North West Carnival
  • Kununurra Tennis Association           Kununurra Junior Tennis Championships
  • Crazy Crocs Playground Inc             Maintenance of Play Equipment
  • Save the Children Australia              Save the Children's Youth Christmas Party 

Any fees for Shire permits, hire of Shire facilities, equipment or staff, will still be charged in accordance with the Shire's adopted Fees and Charges (Quick Grant approval does not result in the removal of the requirement to pay usual fees).

Who can apply for Community Quick Grants?

Applications for Community Quick Grants may be made by not for profit community, sporting, arts & cultural, environmental, service groups or associations.

The organisation must be based within the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley or the proposed project must be undertaken wholly within the Shire, for a purpose directly related to the applicant's core business, and for the benefit of Shire residents.

When can I apply for a Community Quick Grant?

Quick Grants can be applied for at any time throughout the year by completing the Quick Grant Application Form.  Make sure you submit your application form at least four weeks before you require funding.  Organisations are limited to one successful Quick Grant application per financial year.


Community Quick Grants will not be considered for:

  • Organisations or events where the primary purpose is to promote political beliefs
  • Organisations or events where the primary purpose is to promote religious beliefs or where people are excluded on religious grounds
  • Activities or events that are the responsibility of a state or federal government department.
  • Projects that have already been completed or are currently in progress

In addition:

  • Funds are not to be used for trophies, prizes, insurance or operational expenses (including loan repayments) incurred in the conduct of community activities.
  • Funds are not able to be used for ‘Bond’ payments for Council Facilities as this would not provide the necessary guarantee required for the protection of community assets.
  • Applicants must seek other funding where available
  • Applications must be submitted on Council’s prescribed forms, supported by a brief summary or financial position, own contribution, project budget and project timelines.
  • All works are to be completed to the satisfaction of Council
  • Organisations will be limited to one successful Quick Grant application per financial year.
  • Council does not intend the Grants to be utilised for monetary profit, but that they help not-for-profit voluntary organisations achieve their objectives.
  • Applicants must provide evidence of their own initiative by contributing resources towards the project from other sources.
  • Funding for any event that requires a Shire Event Permit will not be distributed until the event is approved. Quick Grant Approval does not imply Event Approval.
  • Only one Quick Grant will be approved per project (two or more organisations may not apply seperately for a joint project).

Who decides if you get a grant?

Quick Grants are at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer or delegate and subject to budget constraints.

What if the Shire doesn’t approve your grant application?

The Shire will provide you with feedback about why your application was unsuccessful. 

What happens if we don’t claim or spend the money?

All grants must be claimed and expended within the financial year that it was awarded. If grants are not used within the given time frame, all grant funds allocated will be forfeited. Funds distributed and not used must be returned. 

Do you have a question or need help?

If you need help to fill out the forms or if you have a question about the Community Grant Scheme please don’t hesitate to contact the Shire Community Development Team on 9168 4100 or mail@swek.wa.gov.au


Contact Details


Please describe what you are requesting a Community Quick Grant for?
Include details about your project / event including what you are planning, it's location, when it will occur, how many people are involved and who they are. 

Please demonstrate the need for Community Quick Grant funding.
Describe how the funding will contribute to the success of the project / event. 

Please describe how the project / event will benefit those directly involves and the wider community.
You should outline here what you plan to achieve, including any social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes. 

Disability Access & Inclusion Requirements

Disability Access and Inclusion Requirements must be considered for all proposed events.
Please refer to "Accessible Events: A Guide for Organisers" by clicking here.

Does your activity involve an event?
If yes, has this been planned in accordance with the Accessible Events Guide

Project Budget

Please complete the below Project Budget, complete it including all details, and upload the completed document.

Project Budget Template

Please note. Your total income should equal your total expenditure.

Relevant Applications

Have you applied for all relevant licences, permits and approvals?


Recognising SWEK Contribution

One of the conditions of receiving funding through the Annual Community Grants Scheme is that the recipients recognise the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley's contribution.

Evidence of this recognition must be provided with the final acquittal. Absence of reasonable recognition may be a consideration in assessment of future funding requests. 

  • Include the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley logo on your printed material
  • Have the MC of the event recognise the Shire's contribution
  • Acknowledge the Shire's contribution in your media releases, programs or posters
  • Acknowledge the Shires contribution during radio and other media interviews.
  • Consider inviting Councillors to your event
  • Permanently recognise the Shire's contribution with on-site signage

Discuss your ideas with us by calling the Shire's Community Development team on 08 9168 4100.


Additional Documentation

Please attach any additional information about your organisation or project that would support your application. 


I acknowledge that I am authorised to make this application on behalf of the organisation

I acknowledge that the information in this application is true and correct

I acknowledge that I may be required to supply further information prior to consideration of this application by SWEK

I acknowledge that I will complete the required acquittal report and submit it within four weeks of the project / event completion

I acknowledge that the acquittal report must contain financial statements and receipts, media releases, promotional material, reports, statistics and photographs of the project / event.

I provide permission for the SWEK to promote this Community Quick Grant as part of any communications and public relations activities.

I provide permission for the SWEK to promote this Community Quick Grant as part of any communications and public relations activities.

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