Shire Policies

Policy NoTitle
CP COM-3580 Community Development
CP COM-3583 Baby Tree Program
CP COM-3582 Community Grant Scheme
CP COM-3100 Community Engagement Policy
CP COM-3584 Alcohol Management Policy
CP COM-3585 Hire of Banner Poles
Planning and Development
CP HTH-3761 Licensing of Overflow Sites in Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
CP HTH-3762 Licensing of Temporary Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
CP PMG-3781 Leasing of Council Managed Owned Land-Commercial
CP PMG-3780 Leasing of Council Managed Reserve Land - Community
CP PMG-3782 Property Street Numbering Policy 
CP PMG-3783 Communication Antennae
CP LPP-3827 Trading in Public Places - Mobile Food Vehicle (MFV)
LPP Local Planning Policy Manual 
Customer Services
CP CS-3280 Complaints Management Policy
CP CS-3281 Customer Service Policy
CP FIN-3200 Strategic Rating Policy
CP FIN-3201 Significant Accounting Policies
CP FIN-3203 Investments
CP FIN-3204 Purchasing Policy
CP FIN-3205 Non-Current Asset
CP FIN-3208 Rates Exemptions for Charitable Organisations (Non-Rateable Land)
CP FIN-3210 Notice of Discontinuance (Rates and Debtors)
CP FIN-3211 Pricing Principles and Pricing Basis Policy for Fees and Charges
CP FIN-3212 Rates and Charges Debt Collection
CP FIN-3213 Corporate Credit Cards
CP FIN-3215 Self-Supporting Loans
CP FIN-3214 Sundry Debt Collection
CP FIN-3216 Asset Management
CP FIN-3217 Regional Price Preference
Information Communication Technology  
CP ICT-3260 Information Management and ICT Acceptable Use
Elected Members
CP GOV-3104 Elected Member Appointment to External Committees
CP GOV-3105 Public Question Time
CP GOV-3106 Council Elections - Caretaker Period
CP CNC-3140 Council Briefing Sessions
CP CNC-3141 Elected Member Allowances and Entitlements
Code of conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Employees 
CP GOV-3101 Celebrity Tree Park, Tree Planting, Removal and Upkeep
CP GOV-3102 Media and Corporate Communications
CP GOV-3107 Filming within the Shire
Organisational Development
CP HR-3350 Designation of Senior Employees
CP HR-3351 Severance Policy
CP GOV-3103 Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees
CP OPS-3649 Maintenance of Shire Assets
CP OPS-3650 Private Works
CP OPS-3651 Private Works and Developments on Road Verges and Shire Managed Land
CP OPS-3652 Cattle Grids
CP OPS-3653 Vehicle Crossover Subsidy
CP OPS-3654 Roadside Memorials
CP OPS 3655 Road Development 
CP OPS 3656 Construction Security Deposits 
CP OPS 3657 Directional Signage
CP OPS 3658 Roadside Advertising Signage
CP REM-3620 Fire Breaks
CP REM-3621 Plant Mobilisation in Emergency