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Cheap Quick way to reduce speed

Paint the speed limit on the road like on Freeways these days. Drivers are concentrating on the road. Put the speed limit where they are looking. There are too many visual signs around people switch off. Wont work for even one but never are the signs on the side of the road.
Especially driving near west past Lakeside as speed reduces quickly and you forget.

Posted: 6/09/2021 3:07:36 PM

Footpaths in Lakeside

Can't wait to walk along all the new paths in Town, but I wonder if its possible to do some smaller works to connect existing paths in Lakeside? And smooth/upgrade the connection with the roads? Walking with a pram involves an extra 5km, as you cant easily cross roads over the kerbs, or there is no path, so you have to walk along the road, or cross over to the other side before crossing back. Maybe an audit to see what is needed? Locations I can think of immediately on my Lakeside route: *Cnr Hibiscus & Gardenia, along the drain (5m) - no footpath, so you have to cross over, or walk on the road to keep going on thst side of the road. *Derringding way & part Barding Loop - neither side has a path when heading to the Park from Hibiscus. *Cnr Celtis & Casuarina (kerb) tough to negotiate, especially given how busy this intersection is.

Posted: 6/09/2021 3:07:54 PM

Public transport

I recently didn't have access to a vehicle for a short time. It was awful as it's a long walk from Lakeside to the supermarket. I have come to empathise and develop concerns about how those that don't drive or have access to vehicles can manage. I am blessed I have friends that kindly assisted in the short term . Sadly I couldn't catch a bus and I was forced to impose on others who very kindly assisted. I think not having public transport is excluding access . I also think if we do have public service it should be highly regulated with use of seatbelts , kept clean and family friendly to all. Thank you

Posted: 14/04/2021 10:42:43 AM

Seating and area around visitor centre

The area around the visitor centre has a lot of small rubbish on the lawns and garden beds and looks shabby. The bark doesn't stay on the garden beds.Behind the bus shelter is a large rubbish pile. Also need some seating outside for people waiting for tour pick ups

Posted: 19/06/2019 11:02:18 AM


We need a very public drive on the whole question of LITTER. One bin for ALL household rubbish is NOT enough for many homes and they are overflowing and spill into the street. WE badly need second recycling bins and the education to guide people re proper use thereof. We now have attractive Art enhancing the town, lets get TIDINESS on the agenda in a PUBLIC push...especially in the town centre and around Coles where on a daily basis people just create mess with, it seems, no admonishment. We need Housing with SWEK backing, to address the responsibilities of a tenant, in keeping yards and verges free of litter...from the day they move in AND not to move people into places with the yard not well cleaned up and tidy in the first place. I have witnessed this on a number of occasions. LITTERING leads to a sloppy way of behaviour in other areas of day to day life.

Posted: 19/06/2019 11:02:27 AM

Safety in our streets- more dog rangers

Each morning early I take my dog and toddler for a walk in lakeside. Everyday I see very large dogs running around without their owners and often they approach or follow me. Today I saw a man and his dog get aggressively ran at by one. It makes me scared for my dog and child’s lives. We need rangers from 5:30am each morning in lakeside to pick them up and stronger penalties for dog owners.

Posted: 6/06/2019 9:09:50 AM


It would be amazing if the gym opened earlier on weekends :)

Posted: 19/06/2019 11:02:08 AM

Water aerobics and other fitness classes for Wyndham

It would be great if the Shire could organize for Wyndham to be included in fitness programs such as water aerobics.

Posted: 29/04/2019 2:31:08 PM


More rubbish bins around town, in the parks and lakeside would be helpful. Halls Creek have metal bins that are painted with beautiful pieces of art work. Not only are they helpful but nice to look at and can't be melted!

Posted: 2/04/2019 10:32:16 AM

Green Waste

A green waste bin pickup to be implemented in town. Even if the pick up is only once a month. Not only would it stop green waste illegal dumping, but in the effort of keeping our town tidy I think having the green waste bin will encourage people to keep their yards and your verges tidier. A large number of people in our community do not have trailers and are unable to get the waste to the tip. The reduced weekend opening times at the tip also limits when people can take their green waste. I also strongly feel that by having the green waste bins this will also reduce the associated fire hazard risks. A step in an even better direction would be if some of the green waste could be chipped and then sold back to the community as mulch which would be even better for the environment. Even if this was something in the pipeline for later I think it is a great concept.

Posted: 6/02/2019 7:58:15 AM

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