2019 Local Government Election Candidates

On Monday 2 September there was an information session held at the Kununurra Shire Office, to view the sildes from the session please click here.

The following candidates have nominated for the 2019 Local Government Elections

Name  Candidate Profile 
Denise Hearne

Italian born, I have been in Australia for over 13 years, spending the last 6 years in remote regions of the Northern Territory and more recently East Kimberley.

A qualified Social Worker, I have over 25 years’ experience in statutory Child Protection, Disability services and Community Development, particularly working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Cultural Minorities and Remote Indigenous Communities.

I am an active and committed person and believe in taking part and contributing, in whatever happens at a local level, particularly to make the community a safe, prosperous and inclusive place to live and work.

I support innovation whilst valuing tradition. Transparency, accountability and commitment are my core values.

Mobile: 0455 282 922
Postal Address: PO Box 815 KUNUNURRA 6743
Email: denise.hearne@gmail.com

Renjit A J Kumar


I am a candidate for the office of councillor in Wyndham East Kimberley. I am sixty five years of age and with legal background.

East Kimberley is a beautiful place and I am keen to ensure that the residents of East Kimberley are able to continue enjoying a life style of peace and harmony for generations.  East Kimberley is gifted and unique. The future of our children and grand children relies on the policies that are introduced and implemented today. As a councillor, I would support strategies for our young and old to live together in a safe and healthy environment in the midst of the daily issues of life in a remote location.

In my work, I travel frequently to the communities in Kununurra, Wyndham and Kalumburu and I am a passionate supporter of policies that will ensure Wyndham East Kimberley is a better and safe place for all.

Mobile: 0413 183 015
Postal Address: P O Box 2216 KUNUNURRA 6743
Email: renjit@ajsolicitors.com.au

Michelle McKittrick

I am currently serving as a Councillor for the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley. I wish to continue the efforts and contributions that I have already made to our local Shire. I believe in being accountable and transparent and have the strategic thinking and interpersonal skills needed to further develop our community. I am willing to listen to residents’ concerns, make sure they are heard and progress them through Council as is evidenced in the recent Council decision to keep the Wyndham tip open on the current site. I work in Kununurra during the week, but live in Wyndham on weekends. This gives me a special awareness of issues pertinent for both towns. I enjoy the role of Councillor; leading community and economic development and influencing decisions that give back to the community. I am a proven collaborative team player that is needed to further develop our community.

Mobile: 0438 901 081
Email: mishmac232@gmail.com

Mat Dear

I have been a ratepayer of Kununurra for 13 years. I manage the Ord Irrigation Cooperative and COO at Cambridge Gulf Ltd and am a Director on Ord Land and Water, and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

I trained in computer systems engineering and environmental sciences, and my expertise is based on practical local experience in water management, environmental management and business development. I have worked in private business, contracting and mining.


I have been a Shire Councillor for 2 years, a vote for me is to continue to support strong core services and infrastructure across the Shire; my focus will be to continue to improve town drainage, link footpaths, increase lighting, increase town greenspaces, improve key shire roads around town centres, and work closely with social services.

I drive development on the basis of commercial business principles and ensuring a sustainable cost to ratepayers.

Mobile: 0409 582 277
Email: Mat@ordirrigation.com.au

Judith Farquhar

I am a local rate payer of 43yrs standing, many of which I spent as a teacher at the now East Kimberley College. Over the years I have been involved in many community focused programs, advocate for Aboriginal specific learning programs, recipient of many teaching awards both state and national.


I have always been passionate about the East Kimberley community, and see my continued role as a Shire Councillor as a furtherance of my commitment to advocate for town liveability and economic growth. Having spent the past 2 years as a councillor, many hours of which have been devoted to making decisions based on what the community sees as most beneficial for the majority, within budget and helping promote a climate of 'can do', cutting red tape and maintaining the integrity and transparency this new council has achieved. I endeavour, with my colleagues, to continue the progress we have started.

Mobile: 0427 133 589
Postal Address: Lot 467, P.O. Box 346 Crossing Falls KUNUNURRA 6743 
Email: fargyle@activ8.net.au

Alma Petherick

I am Alma Petherick, born in Wyndham, grew up on a cattle station, raised and educated in the Kimberley, business owner and proud resident.


I have served the last two years on council and proud of our councils achievements and now seeking another term.


We live in one of the best backyards in the world. We need to capitalise on this by supporting more residents, visitors and investment to this great region.



We have achieved this over two years and will continue to spend your rate money wisely and still deliver on service.



UNLIMITED Green and Domestic Waste FREE of charge has been delivered.



Will stay where it is.


I call a spade a spade and will listen to people and their issues and am not afraid to speak up or ask questions.

I don't do deals and treat everyone the same.

Mobile: 0437 814 680
Email: apetherick@westnet.com.au

Keith Wright

  1. Resident & Business owner for over 50 years
  2. First Pharmacy Wyndham 1969
  3. First Pharmacy Kununurra 1971
  4. Owner 2 K Tours (tours / charter)
  5. Owner We Are Reddy (private transfer cars)
  6. Married (Anne), 3 adult boys all educated Kununurra
  7. Supporter of the "underdog" and will always speak out
  8. Not afraid of making and sticking to hard decisions
  9. Over 30 years experience as your Shire Councillor
  10. Committed to community
  11. Hardworking, scrupulously honest
  12. Promotes /supports local employment and development
  13. Committed to development of and within our Shire
  14. Supports local organisations and Member of many
  15. Friends in all social groups
  16. Works to see ALL projects are completed in most cost effective way
  17. Will not support a project awarded on price alone. Community cost / benefit is important

I welcome your call and will always answer a message


Home: 9168 1314
Mobile: 0427 633 455
Postal Address: Box 1019 KUNUNURRA 6743
Email: 2ktours@bordernet.com.au

Wendy Casey 

Introducing Wendy Casey. I believe the way to building a strong community is through its people.


This belief is evidenced by my work supporting our people through education, skills development and stimulating new enterprise. I enjoy the Kimberley lifestyle and strive to enhance the liveability of our region by assisting community groups and coordinating local community events.


Being a local Councillor is another way of offering my skills, knowledge and experience; contributing to the development and wellbeing of our community. I'm excited to put myself forward, to hear your perspective and ensure your voice is being considered, to act as a conduit that influences decisions that benefit everyone in the Shire of Wyndham and East Kimberley.


Our region’s future prospects are plentiful and I’m passionate about empowering ourselves, and each other, to take full advantage of the opportunities that await us.

Mobile: 0439 818 210
Postal Address: PO Box 1609 KUNUNURRA 6743
Email: wendy@b-i-g.com.au

Allan Wedderburn

Since arriving in Kununurra in January 2000 from South Africa, I developed an immediate love for this amazing region, making it home. Initially employed in engineering/project management I have worked with Aboriginal groups across the Kimberley and Pilbara for the last 16 years, and more recently as CEO of MG Corporation.

I believe in active participation regarding community issues and am currently on the boards/committees of East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kimberly Community Legal Service, Kimberley Animals Nature and Education, and until recently Kimberley Group Training. I am passionate about our environment and beautification of our Shire. I am committed to Neem tree eradication at grassroots level. I established the inaugural artist trail for the Ord Valley Muster this year.

I am prepared to represent the community and advocate for the best possible social services, infrastructure and economic outcomes are achieved for the benefit of all Shire residents.

Mobile: 0410 492 782
Postal Address: PO Box 1883 KUNUNURRA 6743
Email: allan@redspinifex.com