Cr David Menzel portrait

Cr David Menzel

Shire President

Term: 4 years

0409 691 386

Cr Tony Chafer portrait

Cr Tony Chafer 

Deputy  Shire President

Term: 4 years

0408 097 832

Cr Narelle Brook portrait

Cr Narelle Brook

Term: 4 years

0407 478 406

Cr Mat Dear portrait

Cr Mat Dear

Term: 2 years 

Cr Judy Farquhar portrait

Cr Judy Farquhar

Term: 2 years 

0427133 589

Cr Grant Lodge portrait

Cr Grant Lodge

Term: 4 years

0417 962 277

Cr Michelle McKittrick portrait

Cr Michelle McKittrick

Term: 2 years

Cr Debra Pearce portrait

Cr Debra Pearce

Term: 4 years

0411 717 570

Cr Alma Petherick portrait

Cr Alma Petherick

Term: 2 years

0437 814 680

Local Government Elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday of October, to elect a minimum of four Councillors at each election. Councillors vote to elect the Shire President and Deputy President.