Lost pets

At the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley we understand that losing a pet can be a traumatic experience so we encourage the community to report any lost or found pets to ensure you are reunited with your pet as soon as possible

Lost Pets




05/04/2019 - Livistonia Street

Kelpie X

  • Brown and White
  • Female
  • Not currently registered within the Shire
17/04/2019 - Weaber Plains Road

Terrier X

  • Brown/White/Black
  • Not Microchipped
  • Not Currently registered with the shire
  • Entire Male

Seizure Fee - Dog $96.00 Cat $127.00
Poundage Fee DOGS Per Day $25.00
Poundage Fee CATS Per Day   $35.00

Registration Fees (Unsterilised) DOGS only

1 Year $50.00
3 Years $120.00
Lifetime $250.00

Registration Fees (Sterilised) Dogs &Cats

1 Year $20.00
3 Years $42.50
Lifetime $100.00

Registration Fees - Renewed on 1st November every year (1st May - 31st October 50% of listed fee)