Open Tenders

The Shire of Wyndham east Kimberley uses an electronic tendering portal called VendorPanel to advertise its Request for Tenders and Expressions of Interest. Full details of our open Request for Tenders and Expressions of Interest are accessible by clicking on the link below.

See our open Request for Tenders and Expressions of Interest here.

New Suppliers

As a New Supplier ensure you don’t miss out on any tender opportunities by registering with VendorPanel Marketplace to receive email alerts when tenders are advertised within your nominated supplier category. New Suppliers can register here.

Tender Register

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley Tender Register provides information on tenders awarded.

TenderAward Date
Financial Year 2017-2018
Tender T17 16/17 Gambier Street Drainage Upgrade 12 July 2017
Tender T01 17/18 Proposals for an Audio and Visual Streaming Solution and an Electronic Voting Solution for the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley Not Awarded
Tender T04 17/18 Wyndham Chlorination Facility Refurbishment Not Awarded
Tender T05 17/18 Swimming Pool Plant Servicing for the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley 29 September 2017
Tender T06 17/18 Supply, Instalallation and Maintenance of Security Screening Equipment at the East Kimberley Regional Airport 26 October 2017
Tender T02 East Kimberley Regional Airport Air-conditioning Upgrade 8 December 2017
Tender T03 Lake Argyle Road Improvements: Stage 3 8 December 2017
Tender T10 17/18 Gambier Street Drainage Upgrade 8 January 2018

All past tenders location in the register below:



The Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996 require the CEO to maintain a tender register that is available for public inspection. The tender register is to contain information for each invitation to tender which includes:

  • a brief description of the goods or services required;
  • particulars of;  any notice by which expressions of interest from prospective tenders was sought, any person who submitted and expression of interest and a list of any acceptable tenderers that was prepared under the regulation;
  • a copy of the notice of invitation to tender;
  • the name of each tenderer who’s tender was opened; and
  • the name of any successful tenderer and the amount of the consideration or summary of the amount of consideration accepted by the local government.