Rubbish Collection

The Shire provides a weekly rubbish collection service to residents and commercial operators.

The current collection timetable is as follows:

Rubbish collection days
Monday  Lakeside & Mirima
Tuesday  Light Industrial Area
Wednesday  Kununurra Residential & Hidden Valley
Thursday  Wyndham
Friday  Light Industrial
Daily Special requests and Town Public Bins


  • Bins must be displaying a Shire issued sticker to be collected
  • Rubbish collection days remain unchanged over public holidays

Bin Stickers

The Shire introduced stickers that you are required to display on your green bin which will enable the Shire’s bin collection truck driver to easily identify when your bin should be collected by the Shire.

Bin stickers were introduced after it was identified that a large number of properties within the Shire were receiving additional bin collections that were not being paid for. These additional bin collections cost the Shire a substantial sum of money which is passed onto all other ratepayers.

Notification pertaining to the introduction of the requirement to display bin stickers on your green bin was forwarded to all rate payers with their rates notice in August 2013. This letter also explained that if your bin was not displaying a Shire issued sticker as at 1 October 2013 the bin would not be collected by the Shire.

Further to this, information was published in the Shire’s news section of The Kimberley Echo which included a request for residents to leave bins out so that the Shire could apply the stickers from the 9th to 20th September 2013.

If you do not have a sticker on your bin or have any other bin enquiries about bin stickers, please contact the Shire's Rates Officer to discuss on 9168 4100.