The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is responsible for the management of animals and pets, including domestic cats and dogs, within the area.

For information on cats and dogs please see Pets and Animals, or for information on Poultry & Other Animals click here.

Snakes and Reptiles

Have a snake in your yard? Your first point of contact should be the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), who can be contacted on (08) 9168 4200.

Injured Native Birds & Animals

The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) is responsible for investigating injured native fauna and protected species. If you come across any injured birds, reptiles, kangaroos, emus, etc. DEC can be contacted by phone (08) 9168 4200.

Bees and Wasps

Complaints regarding bees and wasps on your verge or other land owned by the Shire should be directed to the Shire’s Ranger Services team. If the bees or wasps are located on private land, the owner of that land is responsible for the removal.

For safe removal of bees and wasps, please check the local phone book for qualified people.


Estuarine or saltwater crocodiles can be extremely dangerous. For further information on crocodiles please see the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.

Sightings of estuarine crocodiles should be reported to your local Department of Parks and Wildlife office.

Cane toads

Cane toads are a declared pest in Western Australia and are toxic throughout their life cycle. Not only do they impact severely on our wildlife, but can also cause harm or death to our domestic pets.

For information on cane toads, how to identify and dispose of them please visit the Department of Agriculture and Food or Department of Parks and Wildlife.