Work Experience

The Shire appreciates our social responsibility to contribute to the education and development of the community’s future workforce.

One of the ways in which we are able to do this is by offering work experience opportunities to eligible applicants across a variety of departments. However, we can only offer individuals unpaid work experience when they are enrolled in, or are undertaking a personal development program, through an educational facility, registered training organisation or a local job seeker/support organisation.

Am I eligible?

To participate in a work experience program, you will need to:

  • Be aged 15 years or older;
  • Be a secondary or tertiary student
    OR be participating in a vocational training program with a registered training organisation
    OR be registered with a local job seeker/support organisation;
  • Have a specific work area in mind;
  • Have a specific timeframe you are seeking placement for; and
  • Be provided with insurance by your educational facility, registered training organisation or local job seeker/support organisation.

How do I Apply?

To register your interest for a work experience placement please provide the Shire with your completed Application Form and supporting documents via one of the below methods:



PO Box 614, Kununurra WA 6743


(08) 9168 4100

Hand Deliver:

20 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra  WA  6743

Download the application form here.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources team on (08) 9168 4100.