East Kimberley Tourism Plan

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley (the Shire) transferred responsibility for the management of the East Kimberley Tourism Plan (the Plan) to the East Kimberley Marketing Group (EKMG). EKMG has updated the East Kimberley Tourism Plan 2022, now called the East Kimberley Tourism Plan 2025 (the Plan).  As such, the EKMG will be responsible for the implementation of the Plan.

The Plan identifies the significance of the tourism industry to the East Kimberley economy and  sets quantifiable goals with measurable results to take a broader, longer-term view of the East Kimberley's strategic roles in tourism. EKMG will continue to work closely with Tourism WA (TWA), Australia's North West Tourism (ANW) and individual operators.

The East Kimberley Tourism Plan guides the sustainable regional growth of tourism to 2025. The Plan builds on existing strategies and is designed to assist EKMG and the Shire to grow tourism through policy development, planning and financial decision making.

The East Kimberley has considerable natural tourism assets and iconic experiences but significant effort is still required in product development, improving the marketing capacity of the local tourism industry and improving access to the region for visitors. The Plan focusses on addressing these fundamental aspects of tourism as a means of stimulating tourism growth in the region.

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