The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley applied for funding under the Safer Communities Fund which aimed to boost the efforts of local councils and community organisations to address crime and antisocial behaviour by funding crime prevention initiatives (such as CCTV and lighting).

The Shire was successful in its application for the Australian Governments Safer Communities Fund Round 2, securing a grant worth $799,901.00.

The Shire conducts CCTV Operations in order to:

  1. Deter, Detect and Respond to criminal offences against person or property.

  2. Facilitate and support an effective response by Authorised Officers, WA Police Officers or other emergency services personnel to situations of concern or interest.

  3. Manage and maintain community safety for residents, traders, workers, visitors and Shire staff.

Project Scope of Work

45 cameras have been installed in Kununurra in strategic locations on a fibre optic backbone and 2 wireless links with a direct link to Kununurra Police Station. In Wyndham there are 12 cameras connected wirelessly to the Shire's office.

The Shire's surveillance system works closely with Western Australian Police to help ensure a fast and effective response to emergency situations and to assist in the detection and prosecution of offenders. The system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The CCTV System operates under strict guidelines of the Shire's Management and Operation Manual, containing confidentiality clauses, operational information, access rights and the principles and standards by which Shire Officers and Police have to adhere.

Future Expansion of the System

This is the first stage of a multi-faceted project. In this initial stage, the Shire invested an additional $200,000 to ensure the system was designed to account for future expandability, based on a “plug and play” approach. The system is able to  provide connectivity to businesses and other organisations.

CCTV Locations

To locate the CCTV camera locations please view the CCTV camera locations map: