Interactive Map


IntraMaps is an online interactive mapping tool that provides you with information on properties and locations of interest with the Shire. It has various viewing, selection and measurement tools available, as well as property search forms at the bottom.


Selecting a property will display information about it on the right-hand side such as lot number, zoning in planning schemes, and bin pickup days.


In addition there are several display layers on the left-hand side that can be turned on and off including: school bus route, points of interest, public toilets, playgrounds, celebrity tree park plaque locations and dog exercise areas.


Please note: While the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley makes every effort to make sure that datasets are up to date, the Shire cannot accept any responsibility for any action or decision based on the information displayed. This information is provided for general reference purposes only. The information is not to be used for legal purposes, but reference made to original documents. For Easement, Dimension and Area information etc, please verify on Certificate of Title. Landowners and prospective purchasers are encouraged to seek their own independent advice and liaise directly with relevant government agencies.


For information on how to use IntraMaps please click here.


You can access the online maps here: