Monitoring and Reporting

The Corporate Business Plan is integrated with and delivers on the Strategic Community Plan and will form the basis for monitoring. Monitoring and reporting of outcome performance through the key performance indicators is important in determining the effectiveness of the Shire’s services and projects.

The implementation of the Corporate Business Plan will be monitored and reported on a quarterly basis through progress of action and project delivery against targets and year to date expenditure against budget. As well, performance will be monitored and reported against operational key performance indicators, which will be progressively developed and implemented across the organisation.

Quarterly Reporting

The Shire produces a Quarterly Progress Report detailing the Shires progress over the three month period. The report reflects the progress of individual actions of the Corporate Business Plan which are linked to the Strategic Community Plan. This ensures each staff member is working towards achieving the strategic direction of the Shire.

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Annual Reporting

The Annual Report aims to provide an open and accountable insight into how the Shire has progressed the vision and strategic goals of the Strategic Community Plan. This includes our main achievements and challenges, financial performance and key targets.

The Annual Report is produced in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995, which requires Council to adopt an Annual Report by 31 December each year. The Report is reviewed by the Shire’s Executive Management Team to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

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