Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

For information on COVID-19 in WA please call the State Government Hotline 13 26 843 or 13 COVID.

Disclaimer - This information is considered valid as of the date of publication (shown below). Updates will be provided only as, and when, relevant information becomes available.

7:42 am | Tuesday 22 February 2022

State and Federal Government Information and Actions

Q. Am I required to wear a mask? 

A. on Friday 18 February 2022, the State Government announced a state-wide mandatory use of mask. 

Q. What are the current requirements for SWEK residents and visitors coming into our town? 

A. After an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases down south, anyone that has been in the Perth, Peel, Wheatbelt and/or Great Southern regions recently must wear a mask when indoor settings if returning or visiting Kununurra. For more information, click here.

Q. When will WA's borders restrictions be lifted? 

A. Premier Mark McGowan announced that the border will reopen on 3 March 2022 with some requirements. 

Q. Where can I get an Oximeter? 

A.  The Department of Health WA has supplied the Shire with Oximeters to distribute to community members who fit within the following categories:

  • 60+ years
  • 50+ years (aboriginal descent)
  • Pregnant
The Oximeter can be collected from the Shire administration building in Wyndham or Kununurra. You will need to provide your contact details and address to receive one. The Shire can only provide ONE Oximeter per household.
The Oximeter can be used to read your heart rate and blood oxygen level. If you become COVID-19 positive, you may need to be remotely monitored through the WA COVID Care at Home program. By having a pulse oximeter already in your home, a health professional can assess you and provide health advice from the comfort of your home.
For more information on the Oximeter and how to register for the ‘COVID-Care at Home’ Program visit the Healthy WA website

Q. Do I have to be vaccinated to enter Shire facilities? 

A. The State Government have announced that from 31 January 2022, new COVID-19 proof-of-vaccination requirements will be in place when accessing certain indoor public venues. 

As such, the following requirements are in place for Shire facilities: 

Shire Administration Building

There are currently no vaccination requirements to access the Shire’s administration building. However, the Shire would encourage attendees to continue to exercise physical distancing and adhere to good hand hygiene.

Kununurra Community and School Library 

There are currently no vaccination requirements to access the library. However, the Shire would encourage attendees to continue to exercise physical distancing and adhere to good hand hygiene.

Kununurra Leisure Centre and Peter Reid Memorial Hall

Depending on what activity you plan to undertake, proof of vaccination may be required. Proof of vaccination is required to utilise the gym. All other activities do not require proof of vaccination.

Proof of vaccination is not required for customers under the age of 16 or customers who have a medical exemption (proof of exemption document required).

Q. What are the latest rules around COVID-19 and travelling to the Kimberley

A. The State Government issues information about travelling within the Kimberley and to/from Western Australia. The latest information is available here

Q. Where can I book my vaccination?


  • Wunan Health Clinic - 08 9168 1001, Bandicoot Dr, Kununurra 
  • Kununurra Hosptial - COVID Clinic (08) 9166 4222, 96 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra
  • OVAHS 1800 839 697, 1125 Ironwood Drive, Kununurra 
  • Amcal Pharmacy - 08 9168 1111, 64 Konkerberyy Dr, Kununurra 


  • Please contact the Kununurra Hospital - COVID Clinic for vaccination dates for Wyndham. 

For more information or to stay updated, visit Please check your eligibility visit and complete the Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker.

Q. Can I travel through WA/NT border if I am a resident in the Kimberley? 

A. If you are a resident living 200km from the WA/NT border in Kununurra, you are able to travel via road to get back into WA. You are required to provide proof of address upon entering. 


Q. What is the right way to wash my hands?

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19

How long can COVID-19 live on everyday surfaces?

Common household cleaners and disinfectants, including soap, or a diluted bleach solution, can deactivate Coronviruses on indoor surfaces.