Informing Plans and Strategies

Informing strategies inform the Corporate Business Plan to activate Strategic Community Plan priorities

Workforce Plan

The Workforce Plan outlines how we will ensure the Shire has the staff with the skills to deliver the agreed outcomes over the next 10 years.

Workforce Plan 2017-2027

Asset Management Strategy and Plan

The Asset Management Strategy and Plan provide detailed information on the type and condition of our assets and their expected renewal requirements. They are prepared to assist council in improving the way it delivers services from infrastructure.

Asset Management Plan
Asset Management Strategy

Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan is a ten-year rolling plan that indicates a local government’s long term financial sustainability, allows early identification of financial issues and their longer term impacts, and enhances the transparency and accountability of the Council to the community.

Long Term Financial Plan

Annual Budget

The Annual Budget is a detailed financial plan for each year, covering all aspects of the Shire’s operations and reflects the resources generated (revenue) and those consumed (expenditure).  Year 1 of the Corporate Business Plan and the Long Term Financial Plan establishes the basis for the Annual Budget.

Annual Budget 2021/22