Holding an event - what are the requirements?

The Shire recognises the significant community benefit of public events and encourages individuals, organisations and community groups to host events that increase the liveability, sustainability and connectivity of our towns, in line with our Strategic Community Plan.

In Western Australia, public events are regulated primarily through the Health Act 1911 and the Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992. Under these regulations, it is an offence to hold a public event without first obtaining Local Government Approval. The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is therefore responsible for ensuring that public events within its boundaries comply with all legislated requirements and that the event organiser has been issued with valid Event Approvals.

Do I need Shire approval? 

 The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley has two separate Event Application forms for different types of events. The Event Application Form is for most community events and the Small Community Event Application Form is for small, simple community events. To find out which application form you should fill out read the below guidelines and contact the Community Development Officer on 08 9168 4100 or events@swek.wa.gov.au.

Below is a criteria checklist, please refer to this to establish if your public event requires an Event Application form to be complete and approval sought from the Shire

  • A venue is being used something other than its intended regular purpose
  • The event is not a private function
  • Traffic Management Plan / road closure is required
  • Car-park needs to be blocked
  • Marquees, tents, structures will be erected
  • The event is publicly advertised
  • Portable toilets are proposed
  • Entertainment equipment is proposed (e.g. live music, bouncy castle, amusement rides)
  • Lighting is proposed/required
  • Food will be available
  • Alcohol will be available


Small Community Event Application is accepted when your event meets any of the above criteria but your event:

  • Will not have any food or items for sale (giveaway is fine)
  • Will not include alcohol at all
  • Does not expect more than 100 people
  • Is free to the public
  • Is an information session for the community
  • You have been instructed by a Shire Officer to fill in a Small Community Event Application

Submitting Your Application

Please include in your submission:

  • Event application form or small community event application form
  • Public liability insurance certificate that will cover the event
  • Site plan (small community event application may not require this)
  • Risk management plan (small community event application may not require this)

If relevant, you must also include:

For clarification on what your specific event application requires please contact the Community Development Officer on 0891684100 or events@swek.wa.gov.au.

Please submit your application via email, post or in person.

  • (By email) events@swek.wa.gov.au
    Subject: Event Application
  • (In person) Kununurra Shire Office, 20 Coolibah Drive Kununurra or Wyndham Shire Office, 6 Koolama Street Wyndham
  • (By mail) Community Development, PO Box 614 Kununurra WA 6743

Creating Inclusive Events

The shire is committed to ensuring disability access needs are considered in all Shire event planning. To assist event planners with this, we have prepared a disability access and inclusion checklist and information pack which can be downloaded here. 

Calendar of Events

If you would like your event to be displayed on our website or promoted through our networks, please email the event information to events@swek.wa.gov.au or check yes on the question in the event application form. See the calendar here.
The Kununurra Visitor Centre is another great resource for marketing your event, you can reach them by emailing marketing@visitkununurra.com.