Disruptive Behaviour

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is working with the Department of Communities and Housing, relevant government and support agencies to provide a safer community.

Resources for Residents Experiencing Disruptive Behaviour 

The Shire would like to encourage residents that experience disruptive behaviour from public housings in their area to lodge the incident on the Department of Communities and Housing website:


When making a complaint, it can be difficult, but important, to know the exact house number. With limited properties displaying their house numbers on property exteriors, the Shire maps system may be of assistance https://maps.swek.wa.gov.au/intramaps98/

Support for Tenants in Public Housing

Tenants in public housing are also encouraged to meet their tenancy obligation and sustain their tenancy. Support services for public housing tenant(s) are available on the Department of Communities and Housing website:  https://www.housing.wa.gov.au/contactus/offices/Pages/default.aspx

Categories of Disruptive Behaviour:

There are three categories of disruptive behaviour: 

  1. Dangerous Behaviour
    • Activities that pose a risk to the safety or security of residents or property that results in an injury to a person near the premises with subsequent police charges or conviction

  2. Serious Disruptive Behaviour
    • Activities that intentionally or recklessly causes serious disturbance to persons near the premises, or which could reasonably be expected to cause concern for the safety or security of a person on their property.
  1. Disruptive Behaviour 
    • Activities that cause a nuisance, or unreasonably interfere with the peace, privacy or comfort of persons in the immediate vicinity of the premises. 

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987, tenants that breach their obligation will be issued with a strike against their tenancy. Once a final strike has been issued against a lease, the Housing Authority may begin the process to terminate the tenancy. 

For more information, please download the ‘Managing disruptive behaviour at public housing properties' brochure or contact the local Department of Communities and Housing office on (08) 9166 5100.

Although the Shire has no formal ability to manage or direct State housing issues, we will assist residents or ratepayers in enquiring on behalf of matters that do not appear to be progressing through the Department of Communities Housing. The Shire will require three police report numbers with the corresponding disruptive behaviour report to the Department of Communities Housing.

The Department of Communities Housing Disruptive Behaviour states that ‘We all have a right to live in a peaceful neighbourhood and to the quiet enjoyment of our home. This means you and your neighbours have the right to enjoy and use your property in peace, privacy and comfort without interference. This applies to everyone, whether they own their home, rent privately or are a public housing tenant.’