Holding an event - what do i need to do?

The Shire recognises the significant community benefit of public events and as such, is committed to providing, supporting and developing these events.

Whilst the Shire encourages the staging of events within the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and recognise the benefits they can bring to the community, the Shire has a responsibility to ensure they are managed in an appropriate manner. Therefore, all public events MUST have a Public Building Certificate of Approval or a Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley Event Permit, and ensure they comply with the Government of Western Australia Department of Health Guidelines and legislation, before they can proceed.

An Event Notification is to be completed for ALL Public Events within the Shire unless the event is held on private property and/or is compliant with the current Public Building Certificate of Approval. The Event Notification has been created to assist with:

  • Ensuring organisers of public events held within the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley boundaries are aware of their responsibilities with regard to meeting statutory requirements;
  • Ensuring that all public events held on Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley property meet all statutory requirements;
  • Ensuring the safety of event patrons is a high priority and ensure reduction of adverse impacts on local residents and businesses is a high priority;
  • Reducing the Shire’s exposure to liability risk from public events held within Shire boundaries; and
  • Limiting the potential for damage to Shire buildings, facilities and infrastructure during public events.

To assist in determining what is required for your event, please click here.

Shire Facility Information can be found here, with the related Public Building Certificate of Approval information found here.

An Event Notification can be downloaded here.

A Shire Facility Hire Form can be downloaded here.

If your booking includes alcohol on a Shire leased or managed land, you will be required to submit a Liquor Application which can be downloaded here 

Please note: All Liquor Applications require a Risk Management Plan to be submitted as part of your application. 

For further information please contact the Shire's Community Development Officer on 9168 4100 or email mail@swek.wa.gov.au

2018 Calendar of Events 

The Shire and Kununurra Visitors Centre are jointly developing a Community Events Calendar for 2018 to be displayed on both our websites and available for the entire community to access.

This will assist organisers with their planning and help to coordinate major events and reduce clashes.

Examples of activities that can be included on the Events Calendar are concerts, festivals, art shows, grand finals, special days, workshops, coaching clinics – in fact just about anything you would like the community to participate in or know about! 

The calendar will be regularly updated so please remember to phone or email if your event changes or if you have additional events to add to the calendar. In addition the Kununurra Visitor Centre website will highlight detailed information about your event including photos and flyers. 

Registration forms are available here and can be emailed to mail@swek,wa,gov.au or returned to the Shire Office. Alternatively,  contact Kununurra Visitor Centre on 9168 1177 or marketing@visitkununurra.com.