Community Scorecard 

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley aims to undertake a community survey every two years in the form of a community scorecard to check perceived satisfaction with the Shire, Shire's performance and services. 

A regular community survey is an opportunity for the organisation to understand the opinions and views of the community, identify issues and areas for focus, benchmark performance, track improvements over time and inform the reviews of the Strategic Community Plan.  Importantly, the survey is a fundamental part of a healthy democracy and well-functioning local government.

Undertaking a regular Community Survey of the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley community provides to Council the following benefits:

  • Provides robust and reliable measures of performance, from advocacy, community engagement and community development, to town planning, economic development and environmental management.
  • Respondents share their needs and aspirations and their location giving the ability to create local priority mapping.
  • If carried out every 2 years the Shire can benchmark performance over time, showing historical trends.

Community Scorecard 2019

In early 2019 the Shire will be conducting a Community Perception Survey Scorecard to evaluate and monitor its performance across a range of services and facilities.  Nearer the time the Shire will invite people to participate in the survey and help shape future services within the Shire.

Community Scorecard 2017

The Community Scorecard survey was undertaken between 14 March and the 14 April 2017 using the independent company CATALYSE. CATALYSE has a significant amount of experience in conducting similar surveys for other local governments. This experience has allowed a comparison with other local governments for benchmarking purposes.

Here is the full survey report: Community Scorecard 2017

Whilst most of the questions are standard and allow comparison with other local governments, some questions with particular relevance to the Shire of of Wyndham East Kimberley were included.  Issues raised by community members included in the survey:

  • Takeaway alcohol Management System (TAMS)
  • Graffiti and antisocial behaviour
  • Access to Lake Argyle

Headline Results

The survey highlighted that the community would like the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley to focus on the following priorities:

Improve leadership with greater transparency, integrity and collaboration.

Residents want improved community leadership from the Shire. They seek greater transparency, integrity, honesty and collaboration in pursuit of bettering the community. As the direct representatives of the community, the Council is responsible for setting the strategic direction and making decisions.  The community would like Councillors to put aside personal differences and work together for the good of our community.

Provide better value for money from rates

Respondents want to see value for the rates they pay. Tangible results such as maintained roads, improving streetscapes and equitable waste collection and a range of services to benefit the community are all identified as services to be prioritised for rates to be spent on.

Address anti-social behaviour and community safety with CCTV cameras, Police presence and security patrols; and retain TAMS

Residents want a safe and attractive town that is free of antisocial behaviour. CCTV cameras, Police presence and security patrols are suggested to combat youth on the street, public alcohol consumption, fighting, street violence and graffiti.

Strengthen the economy, tourism and job creation

Residents want the Shire to provide an environment that supports and encourages business and job development by reducing the administrative burdens, championing tourism and increasing access to supporting services, including childcare.

Improve the appearance of streetscapes

Respondents want their local area to look nice. Topical issues include planting and maintenance of lawn and trees, control of weeds and cleaning and repair of public amenities and spaces.

Upgrade and improve sport and recreation facilities

Respondents would like current facilities to be upgraded and maintained. Ideas for new facilities include a water park, renovated pool complex and ablution blocks for outdoor ovals.


There is a perception that Wyndham is treated inferiorly compared to Kununurra. Residents would like more equity across the Shire and for the Shire’s decision makers to spend time in the town.

Measuring performance against the Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan 2012-2022 was reviewed in 2014/15 and performance measures were added to the plan.  These measures required the completion of a community satisfaction survey be undertaken to review the Council’s performance in delivering on the Goal, Objectives and Strategies detailed in the Strategic Community Plan. These included:


Civic Leadership and Governance

Objective/Community Outcome

Key Performance Measures  

2017 Scorecard result  

Strong community engagement

Community satisfaction with Council’s engagement and communication with the community


Business innovation, efficiency

and improved service

Community satisfaction with customer service



Physical & Social Infrastructure

Objective/Community Outcome

Key Performance Measures  

2017 Scorecard result  

High standard of health and community facilities and services available to all residents.

Community satisfaction with access to adequate health and medical facilities


East Kimberley residents have access to a broad range of educational opportunities

Community satisfaction with access to adequate educational facilities



Lifestyle & Environment

Objective/Community Outcome

Key Performance Measures  

2017 Scorecard result  

A broad range of lifestyle opportunities and activities are available for East Kimberley residents.

Community satisfaction with Council owned boat ramps


Community satisfaction with Council owned parks and gardens


Community satisfaction with condition of rural (unsealed) roads


Waste management and protection of environmental values.

Community satisfaction with domestic waste collection


Towns are safe and inviting for locals and tourists

Community perception of safety and security in public places


Protection and enhancement of

community facilities

Community satisfaction with community facilities

Airport facilities and services

Library and information services

Community buildings, halls and toilets





An active outdoor lifestyle is encouraged and promoted

Community satisfaction with council owned recreation facilities


Community satisfaction with pathways


 Previous Community Surveys

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley has not undertaken a comprehensive community survey for some time. Past and future surveys will be made available here.