Lake Argyle Swim

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Race Day Times
All swimmers, paddlers and skippers are required at the starting line 10 minutes prior to the
scheduled race start.
• 20km race starts 8:00 AM
(Allow at least 70 minutes travel time from the boat ramp to the start line, slower boats
depart earlier); and
• 10km race start 10:00 AM for Solo Swimmers and 10:10 AM for 10km Teams
(Allow at least of 40 minutes travel time from the boat ramp to the start line, slower boats
depart earlier).
4:30 AM – Boat ramp coordinators commence boat launches, starting with 20km entrants.
6:30 AM – All passengers for 20km Start Cruise aboard the Lake Argyle Cruise bus at the Resort.
6:50 AM – 20km boats depart for the start line (slower boats should depart earlier).
Boat Ramp Coordinator begins coordinating the launch of 10km race boats.
7:30-7:50 AM – Boats arrive at 20km start line.
8:00 AM – Official 20km race start
9:00 AM – 10km race boats (including official 10km boat) depart for the 10km start line.
* All 10km solo’s and their paddlers are to board the official 10km start boats - from the lake edge
via the walking path leading down from Lake Argyle Resort. Your hire kayak and paddle will be
issued to you at the 10km start line by our Kayak Manager.
9:40 AM – 10km race boats arrive at start
10:00 AM – Official 10km Solo Swimmers race start
10:10 AM – Official 10km Teams race start.
3:30 PM – All Teams Exit the Water. All remaining teams swimming are to pick up their swimmers
and report to the timekeepers at the finish line.
4:00 PM – Canapés served adjacent to the Pool at Lake Argyle Resort, live music.
4:45 PM - Group Photo with all participants adjacent to the Pool. All swimmers will receive a
special swim memento at the Group Photo shoot. 4:50 PM - Gala Presentation Dinner at Lake Argyle Resort – Presentations, Live Music Celebrateinto the night.

Event Details

Time: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Venue: Lake Argyle


Contact: Glenn Taylor

Organisation: Lake Argyle Swim

Phone: 0407 289 238



Event Date(s)

  • Saturday 7th May 2022

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