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Do you agree to comply with the EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ACT 2005 (WA) Section 67 and 72A REMOTE ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES DIRECTIONS (NO. 3) by NOT stopping in Kalumburu at any time?

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Please note that this consent is granted with the following conditions:
(a) A Closed Road Usage Permit is valid only when carried in the vehicle/s named above;
(b) Permit applies for the purpose issued and vehicle/s listed only;
(c) No responsibility will be accepted by the Shire for any bogged, disabled or damaged vehicles arising from use of the road whilst closed;
(d) Damage caused to the roads if used during unsuitable conditions may be debited to the vehicle owner, depending on the circumstances;
(e) Use of the road is to be kept to a minimum;
(f) Any bogged or disabled vehicle is not to be recovered until the condition of the road pavement enables recovery without damage to the road or drainage system;
(g) The permit holder indemnifies the Shire against any claim for vehicle damage, personal injury or any other loss arising howsoever from use of the road under this Permit.
(h) The road is not to be trafficked if substantial rain has occurred on the road in the preceding 48 hours
(i) The road is not to be trafficked if the vehicle’s tyres make ruts in the road surface

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