Online Form - Directional Signage Application

An application fee applies to new signage applications refer to Fees and Charges section of the Shire website.

Please review Council Policy CP/OPS-3657 Directional Signage prior to submitting this application.

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Signage Information

Current Signage Location

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- 'New Sign' if new signage application

New Signage Location

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- 'Same' if the location is not changing
- 'Remove' if the sign is no longer required

  • A maximum of five sign panels may be located at any one intersection excluding road nameplates and other traffic sign panels.
  • Where directional signage is approved the applicant shall meet the Shire’s estimated cost of supplying and installing the signs prior to works proceeding and shall meet the cost of repairs and replacement including from accidental damage, vandalism and wear and tear when required by the Shire, failing which the signage may be removed by the Shire.
  • Consent for directional signs may be revoked by the Shire at any time and the sign(s) removed, including to facilitate the provision of directional signs to an alternate business, service or facility which the Shire at it’s discretion may determine has a higher priority to occupy the sign site.

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