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Dog Act 1976

The dog described herein and to be ordinarily kept at the address shown is registered in the name of the person stated herein as the owner. This registration is valid for the period specified. Any change in the below particulars must be notified to Council immediately in eg. sale or death of dog, change of owner’s address, etc. Dogs three months and over must be registered. It is an offence to keep an unregistered dog.

Owner Details

Postal Address
Residential Address
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Dog Details

Is the Address where the Dog is Housed the Residential Address listed above?
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Owner or Agent’s Declaration
I the owner or authorised agent of owner of the dog, whose details appear above, declare that I am/the owner is not under 18 years of age and the details in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I certify, for the purpose of Section 16 (1a) of the Act, that means exist on the premises at which the dog will ordinarily be kept for effectively
confining the dog within those premises.

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