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Erecting a portable advertising sign on a public thoroughfare or place (including footpaths) requires a permit. The application will be assessed according to the requirements of the Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2005.

You are encouraged to read the Shire Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2005 for further information. Note that offences and penalties up to $5000 may apply.

Extract from Local Law – Prescribed Offences

Clause number Description of offence Modified Penalty
3.2 (1) Placing advertising sign or affixing any advertisement on a thoroughfare without a permit $100
6.9 Failure to produce permit on request of authorised person $100 
9.1 Failure to comply with notice given under local law $900

The following is an excerpt from the local law and Shire policy.
A-Frame signs shall:

  • not exceed 1 metre in height and 1m2 in area.
  • have 200mm minimum lettering height
  • be limited to one (1) portable sign per business.

Pole-mounted banners or flags shall:

  • be non-illuminated
  • display only one banner or flag per pole
  • have identical displays on each face in cases where double sided banners or flags are used
  • have dimensions not exceeding 2m in length and 1.5m in width
  • not cause visual clutter

Exempt from approval and permit are portable directional signs which comply with the following:

  • 500mm in height maximum;
  • 0.5m2 area maximum on any side;
  • anchored so not to be moveable by wind or other natural forces; and
  • erected on an infrequent or occasional basis, only to direct attention to a place, activity or event (e.g. garage sale) and during the hours of the activity or event itself (not a business).

Election signs will require a permit and shall be:

  • 30m minimum from any intersection
  • free standing and not affixed to any existing sign, post, power or light pole, or similar structure
  • placed so as not to obstruct or impede the vision of a driver of a vehicle
  • removed within 24 hours of the close of polls on polling day.


  • applicants will need Public Liability Insurance to a minimum cover of $10 million.
  • signage applications received alongside Victoria Highway are referred to Main Roads WA.

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