What is the State Government's current response to the Kimberley Food? 

Main Roads WA is working around the clock to provide safe access across Great Northern Highway where the floods have washed away the roads. For the latest news, check Main Roads WA's website > https://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/travel-information/driving-in-wa/kimberley-flood-response/

What is the Federal Government's response to the Kimberley Flood?

On 09 January 2023, the Federal Government announced that Kimberley Shires were eligible for assistance measures through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Distaster Recovery Funding Arrangement (DRFA). Under these arrangements, state governments determine what assistance measures will be activated, and the areas in which they will be made available. This funding can be allocated to emergency assistance, temporary living expenses, replacement of essential household goods, housing repairs, personal and financial counselling assistance.

I have been badly affected by the floods, who do I talk to? 

The Department of Fire & Emergency Services will be able to assist anyone who has been directly affected by the floods. Check out their website > https://www.dfes.wa.gov.au/hazard-information/flood/kimberleyfloods

I run a business/I live in the East Kimberley and have been affected by the rise in freight costs due to this flood.

At this stage, only freight subsidy available is in relation to transport of food and essential goods such as pharmaceuticals. Claim for reimbursement under this scheme can be made here https://dfes.smartygrants.com.au/. A representative from DFES has noted that the State Government are aware of the challenges faced by Kimberley businesses and are actively exploring options to assist Kimberley businesses with the cost pressure but a solution has not been finalised at this time. 

If you are worried about the cost of living in Kununurra, please click on the link below to sign this petition. It will be tabled in Parliament and go a long way to support freight subsides in and out of the East Kimberley. Spread the word by sharing the link on your socials. https://tinyurl.com/2ad8by3p