A demolition permit is required before a structure can be demolished, removed or relocated from your property in the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley. This is to ensure that the Shire has a record of the removal of the structure from the property, which may affect your rates and to guarantee that the works are carried out by a suitably qualified person in a correct and safe manner.

A licensed demolition contractor must obtain the Permit unless the demolition work comprises demolition or removal of a class 1a residential building

The following plans and details are required with a submission for a demolition permit:

  • Completed Demolition Permit Application (BA5) form including signatures of all owners;
  • Payment of the applicable fee;
  • Letter of approval to demolish (Strata Developments only)
  • A full site plan is to be submitted, showing the location of the building to be demolished, in relation to the property boundaries and other buildings on the property. This plan is to be drawn to a minimum scale of 1:200.

Demolition Permit Requirements

There are certain statutory requirements and environmental health matters that are required to be addressed when demolishing. The following requirements are a guide only and further detail should be sought from the relevant authorities.

Swimming Pools

Where there is an existing swimming pool located on site that is to remain, while the building is being demolished; adequate swimming pool barriers are to be installed to comply with A.S. 1926.1 and Building Regulations 2012 as amended.

WorkSafe Approval

  • Commercial Buildings;
  • Total and partial demolition of a structure / building that is 10m or more in height; and
  • Removal of more than 200m2 of asbestos cement roofing from a building that is less than 10m in height.

Further information can be obtained from WorkSafe WA.

Rodent Baiting

  • It is important that all buildings scheduled for demolition are baited for rodents. Baits are to be placed in the roof space, under the floor of the building (if possible), in the corners of each room and in all outbuildings that are to be demolished.
  • A wide variety of rodent baits are available from supermarkets and hardware stores. Please follow the product manufacturer’s recommendations with regards to quantities and precautions.
  • A registered Pest Control Operator may also undertake rodent baiting. A written report / receipt of the work must be provided to the Shire’s Environmental Health Service.

Sewered Properties

If a property is sewered a Multi Entrance Compliance Certificate must be provided from a registered plumber confirming that the property has been disconnected from the sewer.

Properties Serviced by Septic Tanks

All septic tanks, soak wells and/or leach drains must be decommissioned prior to demolition. After the system has been emptied the applicant must submit a Controlled Waste Tracking Form.

Decommissioning involves:

  • The pumping out/emptying of all septic tanks, soak wells, leach drains or other on-site disposal systems by a registered liquid waste contractor;
  • The removal of the tanks or if impractical, the breaking up of the base of the tank; and
  • The backfilling with clean fill and compacting of the fill material for all tanks, soak wells and leach drains.

For application forms can be found on the Building Commission WA website.

For further information, please contact the Shire’s Building Services Department on (08) 9168 4100.