Illegal Camping

Ranger Services investigate and monitor complaints regarding individuals or groups camping illegally on Shire land.

If you have a complaint regarding people camping illegally on Shire land please contact the Shire's Ranger Services.

Complaints regarding squatters on private land should be directed to the local Police Department.

General Camping Rules

Camping or sleeping in your vehicle/caravan overnight within the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is not permitted unless you are using a caravan park or designated 24 Hour Rest Area.  Every person in a vehicle caught camping may be receive an infringement as per the The Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995.

There are many caravan parks available in the Shire with a choice of caravan and camping sites.  It is recommended that you book ahead with your travel plans so that you are not caught without accommodation on arrival. If you do arrive without accommodation Visit the Kununurra Visitor Centre at  75 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra, visit or call 08 9168 1177.

24 hour rest areas are not intended for camping and stopping is NOT to exceed more than 24 consecutive hours. Main Roads WA provides rest areas along the Great Northern Highway and Victoria Highway within the Shire. Got to  for Main Roads rest areas locations within the Shire.

The Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995 states, it is an offence to camp, other than in a registered Caravan Park or Camping Ground. "Camp" is defined as meaning any portable shed or hut, tent, tent fly, awning, blind or any other portable thing used as, or capable of being used for, habitation and includes a vehicle.

Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1995 states, the term “camp” includes to camp in a vehicle.

R10.  Where person may camp

A person may camp only —

(a) at a site in a caravan park or camping ground, as appropriate, licensed under the Act; or

(b) in accordance with regulation 11. Penalty: a fine of $1 000.

R11. Camping other than at caravan park or camping ground

(1) A person may camp —

(a) for up to 3 nights in any period of 28 consecutive days on land which he or she owns or has a legal right to occupy, and may camp for longer than 3 nights on such land if he or she has written approval under

subregulation (2) and is complying with that approval; or

(b) for up to 24 consecutive hours in a caravan or other vehicle on a road side rest area; or

(c) for up to 24 consecutive hours in a caravan or other vehicle on a road reserve in an emergency, unless to do so would cause a hazard to other road users or contravene any other written law with respect to the use of the road reserve; or

(d) on any land which is —

(i) held by a State instrumentality in freehold or leasehold; or

(ii) dedicated, reserved, or set apart under the Land Administration Act 1997 or any other written law, and placed under the care, control or management of a State instrumentality,

in accordance with the permission of that instrumentality; or

(e) on any unallocated Crown land or unmanaged reserve, in accordance with the permission of the Minister within the meaning of the Land Administration Act 1997, or a person authorised by the Minister to give permission under this paragraph.