Home Based Business

Some small businesses may be operated from home, if permitted by the Councils Local Planning Scheme. The consent of the Shire is required prior to operating a home based business. The planning assessment is undertaken to ensure that the activity remains an ancillary use to the main dwelling. It is also necessary to ensure the scale and type of development is suitable for a residential area. Conditions will accompany a planning approval to ensure that the activity is managed appropriately.

The table below classifies the type of Home Based Business that may operate. Comprehensive definitions can be found in the Local Planning Policy 28 – Home Based Businesses (including cottage industry).

Types of Home Based Business Definition Examples
Home Business              A business, service or profession carried out in a dwelling by an occupier of the dwelling. Entails clients travelling to the dwelling for appointments. Beautician, Chiropractor, Massage, Internet Trading, Home Day Care
Home Occupation An occupation carried out in a dwelling by an occupier of the dwelling. Entails clients travelling to the dwelling for appointments. Property Valuer, Lawyer, Accountant, Tax Agent, Tutoring, Administration
 Cottage Industry  Trade or light industries, which do not fall within the definition of home occupation or hobby and may be conducted in an outbuilding by an occupier of the property. Arts and Crafts goods, food business, card making and sewing for commercial gain
 Hobby An activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one’s spare time within their residence. Goods are of a low key nature and does not involve trade other than at a weekend market, fundraising or charitable event. Traders at approved events e.g. markets, Ag Show and Kimberley Moon etc. Does not include trading online or sale of products through other retail outlets
 Home Office Work, other than administration, is undertaken away from the property and only requires a work vehicle to be parked on the premises. Clients must not visit the dwelling for business and the office must only be used by occupiers of the dwelling.  Building trades, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Cleaning services, Security, Landscaping businesses

Please note that Hobby and Home Office businesses are exempt from planning approval.

Home Based Business approvals are reviewed annually and can be revoked at any time if they are negatively affecting the amenity of the neighbourhood. In some cases, public consultation will be undertaken to ensure that the community are supportive of the application.

Some Home Based Businesses will also need approvals from the Environmental Health Team. For example: a beautician, hairdresser, and any preparation of food products.

If you wish to operate a home based business, please complete a Home Based Business Form, collate the required information and lodge with the Shire. Please note that applicable fees are provided on the attached form.

For further information, please contact the Shire’s Planning Department on (08) 9168 4100.