Untidy Sites

An untidy property can include any vacant land, residential, or commercial property determined by the Shire as untidy or unsightly. The Shire can, by written notice, require the owner to restore the property, so that it is no longer considered an untidy site.

From a community point of view, tidy gardens and land mean an area looks well cared for making people feel safe in that neighbourhood. If untidy sites are left, they become worse and the area starts to feel neglected and unsafe. Untidy sites are rarely dangerous to public health but they will be an eyesore, which means it is detrimental to the local amenity. An untidy site may consist of:

  1. Fallen fences,
  2. Unsightly storage of personal items
  3. Overgrown gardens.
  4. Dilapidated walls / broken windows / graffiti,
  5. Land with residential, commercial, industrial or demolition waste,
  6. Builders rubble,
  7. Dumped sofas/furniture,
  8. Abandoned vehicles or,
  9. Dumped tyres

Should you wish to make a complaint regarding an untidy site, please click here.

For further information please refer to the Local Planning Scheme or contact the Shire’s Planning Department on(08) 9168 4100.