No.1 - Corporate Business Plan (Closed)

To view the current 2020-2024 Corporate Business Plan please click here

Draft Corporate Business Plan 2021-2025

The Shire has finalised its draft Corporate Plan and now Council wants you to have a say! The Shire is committed to providing opportunities for our community and stakeholders to be involved in the decisions that affect them. The Corporate Plan maps out the work the Shire will strive to achieve over the next five years to respond to the aspirations and achieve the goals developed by the community in the Strategic Community Plan. The Plan is now available on Shire’s website. A copy of the draft document can also be found in Shire’s offices and libraries in Wyndham and Kununurra.

All feedback will be considered and the final Plan will be presented to Council for adoption in July 2021.

To view the Draft Corporate Business Plan 2021-2025  please click here.

A Guide to Reading and Using the Corporate Business Plan

Strategic Direction
This section summarises the strategic context that the Plan has been developed against.  This includes the community vision, goals outcomes and aspirations set out in the Strategic Community Plan.  This also highlights the results of the most recent community scorecard survey.

About our Shire
Facts about the Shire including the key drivers, opportunities and challenges facing the Shire now and in the future.

Our Organisation
This section summarises the role of the Shire in the community as a local government

Shire Priorities
Lists the Shires priorities including projects for the year ahead and longer-term 5-year projects. 

Resourcing our Plan
The Shire has a finite set of resources this section sets out how the Shire resources, human, asset and financial impact work is included in the Plan. It also considers how the Shire will manage risk and monitor and report on progress. 

Strategic Projects and Actions
This section summarises the planned strategic projects and actions that will be delivered over the next five years to support the focus areas, goals and the associated community outcomes. These are also linked to the services they support.

 Operational Plans
This section details planned services and operational and capital projects that will be delivered over the next five years by the responsible directorate and department.


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Shire Priorities

Highlights for the year ahead

 East Kimberley Regional Airport Upgrades (#237, #293)
Investment in footpaths and Shared Paths (#277, #274)
Improve Customer Service (#70)
Water Playground and 50m pool (#448)
Town Centre Revitalisation (#206)

Kununurra Leisure Centre Upgrades

Provide community with a fit for purpose accessible leisure facility that improves the liveability in a remote community and an escape from the wet season heat.  Includes:

  • Water Playground ($3m)
  • 50m Swimming Pool and new leisure pool ($6m)
  • New Storage Space
  • After hours gym entry 
  • Additional program space

CBP-448 KLC—Renewal and upgrade Kununurra Leisure Centre

Town Centre revitalisation

development of vibrant welcoming town centres that are welcoming for residents and visitors. Includes:

  • Kununurra Streetscape plans and guidelines
  • Wyndham Three Mile Streetscape plans and guidelines
  • Wyndham Port Streetscape plans and guidelines
  • Tree planting including baby tree
  • New street furniture (Benches, bins, water fountains)

CBP-206 Town Centre Revitalisation

Road renewal program

Undertake road renewal such as reseals to maintain a pothole-free road network.  2021 saw a market increase in the number of potholes reported by the community. This year the Shire will work to improve the organisations' ability to respond to road safety concerns.

CBP-251 Road Renewal Program

Wyndham Boat Launching Facility (WBLF)

Repair and upgrade the Wyndham Boat Launching Facility to maintain safe access to the Gulf.
Design new ramp and jetty
Seek funding

CBP-471 Boat Ramp and Jetty Renewal Program

EKRA expansion

The Shire is working to upgrade airport infrastructure to meet the growing demand from visitors and residents as well as local business freight.  Includes:

  • Terminal upgrades
  • Widening and lengthening the runway
  • Taxi way and apron upgrades
  • Freight facilities

CBP-237 EKRA Upgrade airside facilities to meet current and future demand

Development of Tourism infrastructure 

The Shire will support the implementation of the East Kimberley Tourism Plan to attract investment and growth in the tourism sector.  Includes promoting and seeking investment in:

  • Additional visitor accommodation
  • Improving access and facilities at a key visitor attraction

CBP-226 Support the East Kimberley Tourism Plan

Advocacy for strategic economic development projects

The Shire will advocate and help plan for strategic economic development projects that will provide sustainable employment across the Shire.  Including:

  • Implementing an Economic Development Strategy
  • Maintaining an Investment Prospectus
  • Promoting and advocating for key regional investments identified in the Investment Prospectus

CBP-550 SWEK Investment Prospectus

Develop a customer-focused corporate enterprise system.

The Shire is aiming to improve the customer experience by updating the systems that are used to manage customer requests and records. The new system will better track customer requests and enable staff to better respond to customer needs.

CBP-196 ICT - Develop customer-focused corporate administration system