No.1 - Local Planning Policy Review (Closed)

Notice is hereby given that the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley has commenced a review of its Local Planning Policies and the following actions are proposed:

  • Revocation of Local Planning Policy 1 (LPP 1) – Lakeside Residential Development Guidelines Policy. It is proposed to replace LPP 1 with an information sheet for residential development within the Shire.
  • Revocation of Local Planning Policy 3 (LPP 3) – Weaber Plain LIA Design Guidelines. It is proposed to replace LPP 3 with an information sheet for industrial development within the Shire.
  • Proposed amendment to Local Planning Policy 5 (LPP 5) – Sea Containers. The Policy provides information and requirements in relation to the positioning and location of sea containers within the Shire.


  • To ensure an acceptable quality of development is achieved that does not detrimentally affect the amenity and streetscape of a locality.
  • To establish clear guidelines for the assessment of proposals to place sea containers or other similar relocatable storage units on land within the Shire.

The proposed amendment is available under documents section (right)  or at either the Kununurra Administration Office or the Wyndham Administration Office.

Submissions will close on 15 January 2021 and should be directed, in writing, to the Shire’s Planning Development via: