Notice of Proposed Road Closure – Carlton Hill Road (Closed)

Notice of Proposed Road Closure – Carlton Hill Road

Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 58(3) of the Land Administration Act 1997 that the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is giving consideration to the permanent partial closure of a portion of Carlton Hill Road, Kununurra.

Carlton Hill Road is 29km in length, extending from Weaber Plain Road to Carlton Hill Station, and the portion proposed to be permanently closed is the last 18.5km which traverses through the Carlton Hill Pastoral Lease to Carlton Hill Station freehold property, as indicated on the plans provided. 

The proposed closure has been requested by the landowner and pastoral lessee, Kimberley Agricultural Investments (KAI), with the intent that it will become a private road or access easement which will be maintained and managed by KAI. It is anticipated that agreement with other key stakeholders on Carlton Hill Road will be required to ensure access is permitted to communication towers, borrow pits and tourism.

Further background information regarding the request to close the road is available in the Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 25 September 2018.  Click here to view meeting minutes.


How to make a Submission

If you would like to make a submission regarding the proposed closures please download a submission form here.

Submissions on the proposed road closure will be received until Friday 8 March 2019, and should be addressed to:
Director Infrastructure
Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley
PO Box 614
Kununurra WA 6743

Submissions can be sent via email to or delivered to the Shire Admin offices at 20 Coolibah Drive Kununurra or Koolama Street Wyndham. Alternatively please mail submissions to the above address.