Old Shire Building Demolition for Water Playground Park (Closed)

Following the State Government’s announcement that funding will be provided to build a Water Playground in Kununurra, the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley have explored possible locations and is intending to construct the Water Playground where the old Shire Administration Building is located.

 The Shire will take the appropriate procedures to record and document the history of the old building before demolition. This will include a photographic record of the building’s exterior and interior before the demolition takes place. The Shire will also endeavour to ensure that the rock walls on the exterior of the building will remain in their current location or repurposed during the construction of the water playground.

 The Shire would like to invite the community to comment on this demolition proposal. You can provide your comment via the Shire’s website (Have your Say section), comment below or email your feedback to our Community Development Officer at Alana.Henderson@swek.wa.gov.au

 The consultation period will be open from 19 October to 31 October 2020.

 Your feedback is valuable in moving this project forward

Contact Details

Name: Alana Henderson

Phone: 08 9168 4100

Email: alana.henderson@swek.wa.gov.au