East Kimberley Tourism Plan

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley has identified the significance of the tourism industry to the East Kimberley economy and has determined that the Tourism Plan will set quantifiable goals with measurable results to take a broader, longer term view of the East Kimberley's strategic roles in tourism. This approach differs from previous years where, East Kimberley tourism has been largely guided by marketing activities and related services through Tourism WA (TWA), Australia's North West (ANW) and individual operators.

The East Kimberley Tourism Plan guides the sustainable regional growth of tourism to 2022. The Plan builds on existing strategies and is designed to assist the Shire in policy development, planning and financial decision making. Where appropriate, the Tourism Plan aligns with broader regional tourism.

A concept that is fundamental to this Plan is that tourism "destination" development involves creating positive experiences for visitors based on attractions, activities, events and services, and includes management of the destination's assets in addition to marketing activities.

The development of this Plan included secondary research, primary research of visitors and consultation with industry and regional stakeholders which led to the development of the strategic goal:

  • To increase the value of tourism to the East Kimberley from $100.5M in 2013 to $130M by 2022.

The East Kimberley has considerable natural tourism assets and iconic experiences but significant effort is still required in product development, improving the marketing capacity of the local tourism industry and improving access to the region for visitors. The East Kimberley Tourism Plan focusses on addressing these fundamental aspects of tourism as a means of stimulating tourism growth in the region.

On this basis, there are four (4) strategic objectives identified to achieve the goal:

  1. Targeting growth markets (target segments, including business);
  2. Improving access (making it easier to get to the region);
  3. Building the value of tourism (both visitor and resident perspectives); and
  4. Developing products, services and events to meet the needs and expectations of target market segments.

The  region attracts  around 115,000  visitors  per annum, of which around 45%  are caravan and campers, and 36% are business and fly/drive visitors. Access issues addressed  in this plan include overcoming current  limitations   to  air transport/connecting flights; improving road conditions and impacts of seasonality on access to attractions; and overcoming the lack of transport options around Kununurra for visitors.

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