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Use this form to apply for a new or change an existing crossover.

Please click on links to read the Crossover Subsidy PolicyTechnical Specifications & Crossover Drawing information applicable to this application.


  • This application will not be processed unless completed in full and all required attachments are provided.
  • Allow TWO weeks for processing of applications.
  • Works cannot commence until approval is granted.

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Important Information

The crossover subsidy is only payable on the first crossover to a property.
The crossover subsidy is only payable after a Shire crossover construction inspection of the
completed crossover is conducted and crossover is approved as satisfactory.
The applicant is required to remove and redundant crossover/s.

Have you met the Council’s Crossover Specifications? *
If the proposed location of a crossover conflicts with verge trees and/or traffic island treatments, has early approval been sought? *
The applicant acknowledges they are required to remove any redundant crossovers *
Have you read and understood the above important notes? *

I understand that NO WORK IS TO COMMENCE without approval from the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and works must conform to the standards and specifications set down by the Shire.

I am further aware that if drainage pipes are deemed necessary when constructing the crossover, that the supply and cost of such pipes is my responsibility and that regular care by myself to keep the crossover drainage pipe clear is required in order to prevent flooding

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