Kununurra District High School – School Parking

Published on Thursday, 29 March 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Following a solutions focused meeting between the leadership of Kununurra District High School and Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, we are pleased to provide the following communication highlighting the agreed actions in response to the parking issues;

  1. The Shire and School Executive are pursuing the option of making available the Mango Block, west of the Kindy/Pre-Primary, as an alternative site for both teacher and parent parking. This option will involve the installation of an additional access gate, and necessary works, to provide school buses with a separate entry and exit point to that of cars. The Shire have agreed, as a matter of urgency, to assess the option of providing a second access to the Mango Block and whether this option can be quickly facilitated. It is the aim of the parties involved to try and have this additional parking option in place by the commencement of Term 2. As the weather will dictate the use of the Mango Block, further investigation will be necessary in order to determine the longevity of this solution.
  1. A traffic safety assessment will be conducted at the school and the surrounding road network. This will include video footage, peak demand counts, traffic flows etc.
  1. Other items being considered by the Shire Include:
  • Review of all signage around the school to simplify and reduce the number of signs
  • Installation of fencing to the current bus embayment facility to segregate vehicles and children
  1. In terms of works undertaken to date by the Shire, they include:
  • Installation of bollards in no parking zones as people were parking in them causing other drivers including the bus drivers to have limited or no line of site for oncoming traffic.
  • Removal of 2 parking bays at the wombat crossing to improve visibility of children crossing the road to enter school.
  1. The bollards installed will remain, however, no further bollards will be installed at this time.

The Shire and Kununurra District High School look forward to receiving your feedback on these agreed actions, and will ensure timely communication of the outcome of the traffic management study, which will inform further works on Coolibah Drive.

Kate Wilson, Principal KDHS

Carl Askew, CEO SWEK

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