Rates Notices 2018/19

Published on Monday, 16 July 2018 at 3:06:34 PM

Rates Notices 2018/19

Annual rates notices were issued on 13 July 2018. The first payment of rates is due on 17 August 2018. To be eligible for inclusion in the Shire’s instalment program, you must pay the first instalment amount shown on your rates notice by 17 August 2018. Part-payment or late payment of the first instalment will result in your account being excluded from the instalment program. Further, you will be expected to pay your rates in full and you will not be issued with instalment reminder notices.

Note that rates payments must be received by the Shire by the due date. Please consider this when choosing your method of payment and the time required for the payment to be received by the Shire.

If you have not received your rates notice, please contact the rates officer by email at mail@swek.wa.gov.au or by phone on 08 9168 4100.


Rates Assistance Grants 2018/19

Clubs and organisations that have successfully applied for Rates Assistance Grants have been advised in writing of the process to be followed in accessing grant funds for assistance in the payment of rates.

Clubs and organisations should note that Rates Assistance Grant funding applies only to the annual rates component of the notice, with ratepayers responsible for the payment of Waste Management Charges, Waste Receptacle Charges and the Emergency Services Levy.

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