Wastewater Overflow - Lily Creek Lagoon

Published on Thursday, 14 March 2024 at 8:52:55 AM

Public are advised to discontinue recreational activities at Lily Creek Lagoon for at least a week, until the Shire’s Environmental Health Services have confirmed that water quality has returned to acceptable levels and health warning signs are removed. There have been multiple wastewater overflows experienced in Kununurra over the last few days following ~ 275mm in Kununurra in March to date with further rainfall forecast.

As a precaution:

💧 Avoid swimming in any recreational water body (such as a river or ocean locations near drains or a river mouth) for up to 7 days following a flood (or a period of very heavy rainfall).
💧 After a flood, it is almost certain that harmful microorganisms and toxins will be present in waterways (including rivers, lakes, estuaries. and the ocean) due to run-off from the land. Shellfish should not be eaten from flood-affected waters as they can make you sick. Fish caught during flood periods should be rinsed prior to scaling and filleting. Fish should be cooked thoroughly. Avoid cross-contamination between raw and cooked fish.

💧 Do not swim in water that looks discoloured, murky or smells unpleasant.
💧 Look for posted warning signs and follow the advice on them.

For further information please follow the link: https://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/Articles/N_R/Recreational-waters-and-fishing-after-a-flood

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