Roads & Drainage

Road & Drainage

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is responsible for the maintenance rehabilitation and development of roads within the Wyndham East Kimberley municipality, including laneways (Right of Ways) and gravel roads outside the built-up areas. The road network comprises 214 kilometres of sealed roads and 1115 kilometres of formed and gravel sheeted roads. The majority of roads are located within the eastern half of the Shire’s 125,000 square kilometres.

Maintenance of roads includes the construction and maintenance of kerbing and footpaths, crossovers, activities and developments, paving, street trees and weed control on thoroughfares and verges.

Roadworks funding is sourced from a combination of Commonwealth and State Government grants and Shire rates.

Works to be completed on any road reserve must be approved by Council prior to commencement of works, to ensure Council road specifications are maintained.

Council is responsible for drainage within road reserves and a number of open channel drainage reserves.

Many roads are damaged during our wet season and the Shire has been working with the community to alleviate wet season issues with regard to drainage and damage to unsealed roads.

Reporting of faults or damages in the road reserve or drainage system such as pot holes, faults in footpaths, can be made to the Infrastructure Directorate by calling (08) 9168 4100 or by email to

Related Documents

Road Development Specification

Drainage construction and maintenance 

The Shire's drainage construction program aims to rectify known drainage issues throughout the Kununurra and Wyndham town sites and the rural road network and is subject to Council approval and availability of funding.

The Shire has an ongoing drainage maintenance program and includes the clearing and re-profiling of existing drainage.

For further information or to report a drainage problem please contact the Infrastructure Directorate by calling (08) 9168 4100 or email.

Heavy Vehicles

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley in conjunction with Main Roads WA has designated routes for over size vehicles, approval from Main Roads and Council is required depending on vehicle classes.

Permits for over-size or over-weight vehicles must be obtained through Main Roads Western Australia - Heavy Vehicle Operations.

For further information visit Main Roads WA Heavy Vehicle Operations

Road Conditions

Find the latest Road Conditions here. 

Road Signage 

 A sign may not be attached or erected on a property within the Shire unless all necessary approvals have been obtained in accordance with the Scheme, Local Law and the provisions of this Policy. Signs that are exempt from the requirement to obtain planning approval are listed in the relevant Planning Schemes.

It is necessary for the Shire to approve signage as it allows for the safe guarding of visual amenity, ensures safety local thoroughfares and footpaths and sets standards which are applied to a range of signs. For example the types of signs that require a planning approval include but are not limited to:

  • Bill posting
  • Freestanding signs (A-Frame)
  • Illuminated signs
  • Pennons (Flag signs)
  • Pylon signs
  • Wall panels
  • Veranda Signs

Some signs are exempt under the Local Planning Scheme, for further information please click here to view the scheme.

If you wish to erect a sign, please complete an Application Form, collate the required information and lodge with the Shire. Please note that applicable fees are provided on the attached form.

For further information, please contact the Shire’s Planning Department on (08) 9168 4100.

For information pertaining to road signage click here.

Street Lighting 

The Shire’s streetlights are maintained under an agreement between the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and Horizon Power. Under the customer service charter Horizon Power will strive to repair faulty streetlights within 5 working days.


Streetlight faults can be reported to Horizon Power via a freecall to 1800 264 914, or via email at

Requests for New Streetlights

Any requests for new streetlight installations should be forwarded initially to the Shire’s Infrastructure Directorate, (08) 9168 4100 or email

Approval will be subject to advice from Horizon Power and availability of funding.

Traffic Management

Roadworks - Code of Practice

The "Code of Practice 2000 - Main Roads WA, Traffic Management for Roadworks" document has been adopted for all traffic control and safety purposes. The document is for use by personnel in Local Government, Main Roads and authorised contractors to ensure a safer road network environment for both the road works and road users.

Only accredited personnel who have completed modules of the Main Roads WA "Traffic Management for Roadworks" training course can erect temporary traffic management signs.

To download a copy of the code visit Main Roads WA.


The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley participates in the RoadWise program for the Kimberley Region and allocates funds from its budget towards the promotion of road safety throughout the Shire.

For further information visit RoadWise.

Traffic counts

Traffic Counts are routinely taken on roads in the Shire using MetroCount Roadside Units. Data relating to number of vehicles per 24 hour period and the 85% percentile speeds are available on the Traffic Statistics document. 

Further detailed reports and counts for specific roads can be requested from the Infrastructure Directorate by email.

Vehicle Crossovers 

There are specific requirements that must be complied with when accessing residential and rural properties. Vehicle crossings and culverts must be installed to the Shire's specifications.

The Shire's Specifications are:

Vehicle Crossover Specification

Crossover Drawing

To encourage the installation of residential crossings, a subsidy of 50% of the cost of a standard crossover is available to property owners.

Crossover Specifications and Policy Pack

Crossover Application

Crossover Subsidy Policy

Crossover Subsidy Application

Further information about crossovers can be obtained from the Infrastructure Directorate by calling 08 9168 4100 or email.

Verges and Thoroughfares 

Ranger Services monitor and investigate complaints in relation to verges and thoroughfares. Issues may include litter, abandoned vehicles and untidy sites. Refer to Ranger Services Section for more details.

Any complaints regarding damage to verges and thoroughfares should be reported to the Shire's Infrastructure Directorate on (08) 9168 4100 or email

Verge Paving

The Shire is committed to contributing to the improvement in aesthetics and amenity of the verges within the two towns (particularly those servicing commercial premises). The Verge Paving Policy outlines the eligibility and process involved in accessing the scheme. The Infrastructure Directorate provides support for implementing the policy.

Verge Furniture

Verge furniture includes the installation of park benches, bollards, and landscape structures, such as tree guards etc. Only approved street furniture may be incorporated on verges. The products must be manufactured for the explicit use as street furniture.

Street furniture must be installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Verge Landscaping Treatments

Reticulated lawns may be installed without a permit. Reticulation control valves must be contained within the owner’s property.

All landscape developments must be submitted with detailed plans together with a verge application form for consideration and issuance of a permit.

Generally, plants selected for inclusion in a landscape planting on a verge must not exceed 0.75m in height. The owner of the property must ensure that shrubs planted do not exceed this height. Plants selected must not pose a hazard to the public (i.e. poisonous, irritant), or obstruct pedestrian access. Refer to CI 2.6 of the Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Spaces and Trading Local Law 2005 for further information.

Verge Activities

Application for developments on verges forms are received and assessed by the Infrastructure Directorate having regard for safety, access, environmental considerations and maintenance requirements. Verge developments include activities such as landscaping, tree planting, surfacing and structures. Applicants will also be required to consider the location of services, the location of the services can be obtained by contacting DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG on 1100 and if necessary contacting the relevant Authorities: