Road Signage

Signage Types

Street Name sign: (white background with black lettering) shows name and the Shire logo.

Tourist sign: (brown background with white lettering) guides travellers to recognised tourist attractions and approved tourist services. Examples are:

  • Tourist features which are generally of a non-commercial nature and include scenic lookouts, historical markers and geographical features.
  • Tourist attractions which may (or not) be commercially operated services and include monuments, craft centres and distilleries.

Community Facility sign: (blue background with white lettering) guides visitors and locals to community facilities, typically not-for-profit facilities, and business precincts. Examples are:

  • Government facilities (airport, police station, hospital);
  • Post Office;
  • Recreational grounds or facilities (ovals, boat ramps);
  • Educational institutions (school, library);
  • Public cultural facilities (gallery, museum);
  • Places of public worship;
  • Locations of regional significance (parks); and
  • Commercial and industrial precincts.

Service sign: (blue background with white symbol) uses symbols to guide motorists and road users to roadside stopping places, certain commercial services and community facilities. Examples include although are not limited to rest areas, restaurants and boat ramps.

Business Directional sign: (blue background with white lettering) guides visitors and locals to individual businesses.

Directional Signage

Directional Signs are blue signs with white text located at one or both ends of the street the business is located on, to assist the public find businesses, services or facility locations easier.

To access the Application for Directional Signage Form click here.

To access the Policy for Directional Signage click here.

All other proposals for business signs would be deemed advertising and would have to comply with Council’s Local Laws and Policies.

Street Name Signs

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley installs and maintains street/road signs throughout the Shire. All street signs must adhere to Council specifications in accordance with The Australian Standards 1742.5-1997 - Manual of uniform traffic control devices part 5: Street name and community facility name signs.

Please report missing or damaged street signs by contacting the Infrastructure Directorate on 08 9168 4100 or email.

Business Advertising Signage

 The below types of signs that require a planning approval, include but are not limited to:

  • Bill posting
  • Free standing signs (A-Frame)
  • Illuminated signs
  • Pennons (Flag signs)
  • Pylon signs
  • Wall panels
  • Veranda Signs

See the Town Planning section of this website to get further information by clicking here