Ranger Services

* Ranger Services are also responsible for domestic pets. Please see Pets and Animals.


During business hours (8am to 4pm*, Monday to Friday):

Kununurra - Phone: (08) 9168 4100

Wyndham - Phone: (08) 9161 1200

After hours Ranger Services:  (08) 9168 4166 (EMERGENCIES ONLY)

*Lost Pets are available for collection from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday

What Does Your Local Ranger Do?

Rangers are Local Government law enforcement officers responsible for the management of a number of Acts of Parliament and Local Laws within the Shire.

What Is An Act Of Parliament?

A proposal for a new law that has been presented to Parliament is called a Bill. When a Bill is processed and passed through Parliament, it becomes an Act of Parliament.

Acts of Parliament are enforced by government departments and agencies, or organisations that have been given responsibility from the government to implement or enforce their policies. For example: Police Officers, Local Government Rangers, Department of Environment and Conservation and the RSPCA.

What Is A Local Law?

Local Governments (For example: Councils) have the power to make local laws considered necessary for the good governance of their districts. Local and State wide comment from the public is considered before the proposed laws are accepted.

The Shire Ranger Services implements and enforces policies that deal with many different Acts and Local Laws and some of these are listed below:

  •  Abandoned Vehicles
  •  Parking
  •  Off-Road Vehicles
  •  Portable Signs
  •  Verges and Thoroughfares
  •  Litter
  •  Illegal Camping
  •  Fire Hazards
  •  Dogs
  •  Animals Welfare
  •  Feral Cats

For more information contact the Rangers at the Shire office