2019 Community Survey (Closed)

The Shire invites all residents over the age of 18 to complete the 2019 Community Survey

“Have Your say”


Opens: Thursday 14 February 2019.

Closes: Sunday 17 March 2019.


Access at: www.catalyse.com.au/studies

Printed versions have been sent to PO Boxes in Kununurra and Wyndham and are also available from Shire Offices.

Wyndham Administration Office
Koolama Street
Wyndham WA 6740

Kununurra Administration Office
20 Coolibah Drive
Kununurra WA 6743


The Community Survey helps the Shire plan for the future to ensure it continues to meet local community needs.


The survey is open to all residents of the Shire over the age of 18 and ratepayers.

More Information

The Shire aims to undertake a community perceptions survey every two years in the form of a community scorecard to check perceived satisfaction with the Shire, Shire's performance and services.

A regular community survey is an opportunity for the organisation to understand the opinions and views of the community, identify issues and areas for focus, benchmark performance, track improvements over time and inform the reviews of the Strategic Community Plan.  Importantly, the survey is a fundamental part of a healthy democracy and well-functioning local government.

The 2019 survey is being conducted on the Shire’s behalf by Catalyse an independent company.  Responses will remain confidential in accordance with the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles. 

The community Survey is a perceptions survey developed by Catalyse called MARKYT™ Community Scorecard.   Catalyse specialises in community engagement and KPI evaluation having assisted over 50 Local Government Authorities and many State Government departments.  

The community scorecard is made up of a number of “Local Government standard questions” that are used to benchmark against other Shires and previous surveys – as well as to better understand (local) community sentiment.  There is also an opportunity to ask some “specific questions” to gauge community opinion and to understand the support for future Shire activities. 

The last Community Survey was undertaken in 2017 and the results can be viewed on the main community-survey page

If you have questions about this study please contact the friendly customer services team at the Shire on 9168 4100 or mail@swek.wa.gov.au

Thank you for your assistance with this important study.