Draft Corporate Business Plan 2018-2022 and Annual Budget 2018-2019 (Closed)

The Corporate Business Plan is a key component of the Shires Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and is the organisation’s commitment to activating the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan.

The Shire’s specific actions, tasks, responsibilities and contributions are developed and detailed in the Corporate Business Plan underpinning the strategies within the Strategic Community Plan.  A series of informing projects and service delivery plans will also be developed alongside the Corporate Business Plan to enable activation of the Strategic Community Plan.

The Corporate Business Plan provides the detail for the first years of the Strategic Community Plan as well as detailing business as usual service delivery. The plan is reviewed annually to prioritise or re-prioritise projects and services. 

Structure of the draft Corporate Business Plan

Shire Services

The Corporate Business Plan outlines the services that the Shire will provide as part of its every day operations, supporting ongoing delivery of the Strategic Community Plan goals and community outcomes.

Projects and Actions 

The Corporate Business Plan also outlines the projects and Actions that the Shire is planning to undertake to maintain and develop capacity to enable activation of the Strategic Community Plan.

Priority actions

Financial profile and links to asset management plans, Workforce Plan and Risk Management Plans

The four year Corporate Business Plan has been prioritised based on an assessment of the costs and benefits of different options. This process is based on creating a balance between aspirations and affordability. The four year financial forecasts sets out the expected rating levels over the term of the Plan. The Plan also incorporates the implications and resourcing requirements of the Asset Management Plans, Workforce Plan and Risk Management Plans.

Ensuring Delivery

The implementation of the Corporate Business Plan will be monitored and reported on a quarterly basis through progress of action and project delivery against targets and year to date expenditure against budget.  Performance will  also be monitored and reported against operational key performance indicators, which will be progressively developed and implemented across the organisation. The Shire also maintains a number of informing documents that support the delivery of the Strategic Community Plan and inform the Corporate Business Plan.

Annual Budget 2018/2019

The 2018/19 Municipal Fund Budget is in the process of being finalised. The Budget is one of the most important documents the Shire produces on an annual basis because of the impact it has on the Community.

The process that generates the most interest from the Community relates to the setting of rates for the different rating categories the Shire uses. This year the Council has resolved to advertise for comment rates that provide a 0% yield for the Shire. This means that the Shire will collect approximately the same amount of rates for each rating category as in the 2017/18 year. This does not mean that individual ratepayers will pay the same amount as 2017/18. Because of a revaluation to GRV rated properties there will be ratepayers who will pay less than in 2017/18 and some who will pay more. This will depend on how the property has been valued by Landgate for rating purposes relative to other properties in their rating category.

The Shire, as part of its budget process also considers the Fees and Charges for 2018/19, what resources it needs to maintain its operational service levels and maintain its $266 million stock of assets. The ranges of services that are funded include Environmental Health Services, Ranger Services, Building and Planning Services, Infrastructure Services, Leisure Services, Community Development and Library Services.

Have your Say

We recognise that the Shire is able to make better informed decisions when it engages with the community.

To have your say on the development of the Corporate Business Plan you can attend one of our Corporate Business Plan and Annual Budget public forums or submit you comments in writing via email, post or in person.

Corporate Business Plan and Annual Budget public forums 2018

  • Wednesday 6 June 4pm - Wyndham Council Chambers
  • Thursday 7 June 5pm - Kununurra, Leisure Centre

 The closing date for submissions is the 15 June 2018