Safer Communities Project - Taking it to the Streets (Closed)

In 2017 the Shire submitted an application for funding to the Commonwealth Government’s Safer Communities Fund, for the purpose of installing a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) network and additional lighting within Kununurra and Wyndham town centres. The application was submitted due to ongoing antisocial behaviour, vandalism and feedback received from the community regarding a decrease in perceived safety in public areas. The aim of the Fund is to improve community safety and confidence in public places by developing public safety and security to discourage antisocial behaviour. The amount awarded for the Safer Communities Project is $800,000. Completion and commissioning of the project is expected in June 2019.

Project overview

The aim of the project is more than just the delivery of infrastructure, with the primary focus being to improve community safety and confidence in public places, through:

  • Contributing to our community’s resilience and wellbeing by addressing crime, antisocial behavior and criminal activity
  • Help to reduce fear of crime and increase feelings of safety in town centres

    The project aims to contribute to the enhancement of community safety, improve security and reduce street crime and violence through local security infrastructure by:

    • Installation of CCTV cameras and an expandable supporting network
    • Repair or installation of additional  security and pedestrian lighting in partnership with Horizon Power
    • Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) principles 

    The project will be delivered in a staged approach, from initial design through to installation, testing, commissioning and operation. The project also includes additional lighting and streetscaping, utilising CPTED principles. 

    In conjunction with the Safer Communities Project, the Shire is preparing Town Centre Plans for both Kununurra and Wyndham Town centres which will support the objectives of the Shire’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2018. The Plans will provide a framework to achieve attractive, vibrant, active public spaces where community members and visitors want to spend time.

    The Plans will provide guidance and recommendations for improvements to public spaces, including enhancing pedestrian connectivity, streetscapes, landscaping and parking and also provide guidance for new development within both Town Centre areas.

    The Priority Place Plans will be centered around improving community safety and instilling community confidence in public areas, together with improving functionality and accessibility to reinforce the spaces as a destination to visit, socialise, live and work.

    Key Message from Inspector Greg Crofts, WA Police Force (WAPOL)

    The CCTV soon to be installed in Kununurra  and Wyndham town centres is one of the many tools Police will use to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour within our community. It is has been well established that CCTV effectively reduces crime and maintains public safety. Having access to the 24 hour vision will allow the Police to be able to monitor the streets and public spaces and it is to be expected the community will be a safer one. Police will have access to recorded CCTV vision and this will add significant value to criminal investigations and assist with a timely response to any suspicious or anti-social behaviour.

    Our community must maintain the current practice of reporting any issue to police as they have always done. It is important for everyone to remember Kununurra and Wyndham police will still conduct foot and vehicular patrols and respond to the many calls for assistance, meaning they will not always have staff monitoring CCTV footage. Police will take advantage of being able to back capture any vision required, however, we will not be sitting in the station waiting to watch something untoward arise as it is intended we still maintain a high public profile in the community, proactively patrolling the streets maintaining safety.'

    Have your Say

    Community engagement and opportunities for feedback and comment will occur throughout the duration of the project, with initial stages of engagement taking place between September and November 2018, to build awareness of the project.

    We recognise that the Shire is able to make better informed decisions when it engages with the community. To have your say on the Project, submit you comments in writing via email, post or in person.

    Details of upcoming public forums, project milestones and key messages will be advertised though various means such as the Shire's Have your Say web page, Facebook, Public notice, radio, Shire newsletters and in the Kimberley Echo. so keep an eye out or contact the Shire via or call 9168 4100.


    Contact Details

    Phone: 9168 4100



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