Shire Policies

Community Development

Policy No Title
CP COM-3580 Community Development
CP COM-3583 Baby Tree Program
CP COM-3582 Community Grant Program
CP COM-3100 Community Engagement Policy
CP COM-3584 Alcohol Management Policy
CP COM-3585 Hire of Banner Poles
CP COM-3586 Future Leaders Award
Planning and Development
CP HTH-3761 Licensing of Overflow Sites in Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
CP HTH-3762 Licensing of Temporary Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
CP PMG-3781 Leasing of Council Managed Owned Land-Commercial
CP PMG-3780 Leasing of Council Managed Reserve Land - Community
CP PMG-3782 Property Street Numbering Policy 
CP LPP-3827 Trading in Public Places - Mobile Food Vehicle (MFV)
LPP 2 Compliance & Enforcement Policy
LPP 5 Sea Shipping Containers 
LPP 6 Caretakers Dwelling in Light Industrial Areas
LPP 7 Relocated and Transportable Buildings
LPP 11 Workforce Accommodation
LPP 12 Temporary Workforce Accommodation Camp
LPP 15 Signage

Corporate Services

Policy No Title
Customer Services
CP CS-3280 Complaints Management Policy
CP CS-3281 Customer Service Policy
CP FIN-3200 Strategic Rating Policy
CP FIN-3203 Investments
CP FIN-3204 Purchasing Policy
CP FIN 3208 Rates Exemptions for Charitable Organisations (Non-Rateable Land) 
CP FIN 3211 Fees and Charges Pricing Policy
CP FIN-3212 Rates and Charges Debt Collection
CP FIN-3213 Corporate Credit Cards 
CP FIN-3214 Sundry Debt Collection
CP FIN-3215 Self-Supporting Loans
CP FIN-3217 Regional Price Preference
CP FIN-3218 Pre-Qualified Supplier Panel Policy
CP FIN-3220 Financial Hardship Rates and Sundry Debtors
CP FIN-3211 Audit (Finance and Risk) Committee Terms of Reference
Information Communication Technology 
CP ICT-3260 Information Management and ICT Acceptable Use 
CP ICT-3282 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Management and Operational Manual 

Office of the CEO

Policy No Title
Elected Members
CP GOV-3105 Public Question Time
CP GOV-3106 Council Elections - Caretaker Period
CP GOV-3108 Risk and Opportunity Management 
CP CNC-3140 Council Briefing Sessions
CP CNC-3141 Elected Member Allowances and Entitlements
CP CNC-3142 Recording of Meetings
CP CNC 3143 Attendance at Events and Functions Policy
CP CNC 3144 Elected Member Continuing Professional Development Policy 
CP CNC 3145  Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates for local government elections 
CP GOV-3101 Celebrity Tree Park, Tree Planting, Removal and Upkeep
CP GOV-3102 Media and Corporate Communications
CP GOV-3107 Filming within the Shire
CP GOV-3110 Common Seal Policy 
CP GOV-3111 Social Media Policy 
CP GOV-3112 Policy Management Policy
CP GOV 3113 Surveillance Devices
CP GOV 3114 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Response and Recovery Policy
Organisational Development
CP HR-3350 Designation of Senior Employees
CP HR-3351 Severance Policy
CP HR 3352 Chief Executive Officer Recruitment, Performance Review and Termination
CP GOV-3353 Appointing an Acting Chief Executive 
CP GOV-3103 Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees
CP GOV-3110 Occupational Safety and Health


Policy No Title
CP OPS-3649 Maintenance of Shire Assets
CP OPS-3650 Private Works
CP OPS-3651 Private Works and Developments on Road Verges and Shire Managed Land
CP OPS-3652 Cattle Grids
CP OPS-3653 Vehicle Crossover Subsidy
CP OPS-3654 Roadside Memorials
CP OPS 3655 Road Development 
CP OPS 3656 Construction Security Deposits 
CP OPS 3657 Directional Signage
CP OPS 3658 Roadside Advertising Signage
CP OPS 3659 Asset Management Policy
CP OPS 3660 Stormwater Management for Developments
CP OPS-3661 Shire Road Network
CP REM-3620 Fire Breaks
CP REM-3621 Plant Mobilisation in Emergency