Integrated planning and reporting is an organisational framework used to identify our priorities that drive the Shire’s operations. The framework consists of number of strategic plans for identifying and prioritising local issues.

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPRF) ensures Council decisions look to the long-term future and consider the community’s aspirations to deliver the best results possible with the resources available. The framework is also designed to have a stronger focus on place shaping and wellbeing while requiring a greater level of community engagement.

The primary aims of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework include:

  • articulate the community’s vision, priorities and desired outcomes
  • allocate resources to achieve the vision, striking a considered balance between aspirations and affordability
  • monitor and report on progress

The IPRF requires the Shire to have three levels of integrated strategic planning, informed and supported by appropriate resourcing and asset management plans.  The framework consists of a number of strategic plans for identifying and prioritising local issues. The strategic plans set the goals and direction for the Shire's future activities. It integrates asset, service and financial plans so that the Shire’s resource capabilities match community needs. The most important of these is the Strategic Community Plan.

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework summary, How the Documents link:

Planning Stragegy

The key components of the IPRF include:

  • Strategic Community Plan with a 10 year time horizon and informed by community consultation; (Level 1)
  • Corporate Business Plan with a 4 year time horizon;  (Level 2)
  • Annual Budget with a 1 year time horizon;  (Level 3) and
  • Supporting strategies including a Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan and Workforce Plan.

Strategic Community Plan - The Strategic Community Plan is the highest level planning document in the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. This Plan is designed to be a ‘living’ document that guides the development of the Shire over the next ten years.

Corporate Business Plan - The Corporate Business Plan is the operational plan that maps the Shire’s key priorities, projects, services and actions over the next four years. It provides the detailed actions for the first years of the Strategic Community Plan as well as detailing business as usual service delivery.

Annual Budget - The Annual Budget is a detailed financial plan for each year, covering all aspects of the Shire’s operations and reflects the resources generated (revenue) and those consumed (expenditure).  Year 1 of the Corporate Business Plan and the Long Term Financial Plan establishes the basis for the Annual Budget.

Our Vision

To be a thriving community with opportunities for all

Our Mission

To develop in a manner that will achieve social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits for all

Our Values

Inclusivity - We recognise the diversity of our community and want to ensure that everyone can actively participate in community life.

Unity - We will work collaboratively with the community, united in a common purpose.

Sustainability - Ensure that the aspirations of the community can be met within budget in order to remain socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

Responsibility for our own future - We will actively participate in providing input to decision making at a state and national level on issues that affect our region.

Leadership - We will listen to the community’s concerns and advocate for issues that are important to residents.

Our Commitment

Effective - Council will ensure that all work is undertaken in a cost effective manner providing value-for money to the community. We will have a focus on quality in the delivery of all services and programs. Our internal systems will be efficient and will focus on enabling effective delivery.

Sustainable - Council will operate within its means, developing budgets that are affordable by the community.

Responsive - We recognise that the community is our customer. We will operate with a strong customer service focus in all our work. We will enable the community to provide feedback on our activities and we will respond to our stakeholders concerns in a timely manner.

Transparent - We will report regularly to the community on progress against this plan.

Long Term Strategic focus

The Strategic Community identifies four main focus areas for the next ten years and the goals that the Shire will work towards to achieve the Shire’s Vision.

Focus Area 1:   Healthy vibrant active communities

Improving liveability through social and recreational opportunities, a range of inclusive community services and activities, and valuing our diversity.


1.1  Bring community together and promote our rich culture and heritage

1.2  Increase community participation in sporting, recreation and leisure activities

1.3  Promote quality education, health, childcare, aged care and youth services

Focus Area 2:   Enhancing the environment

We value our Kimberley lifestyle and natural environment. We will work to improve the liveability of our towns and their connection to our surrounding environment.


2.1  Conserve the Shire’s unique natural environment for the enjoyment of current and future generations 

2.2  Provide sustainable public infrastructure that serves the current and future needs of the community

2.3  Make towns safe and inviting for locals and visitors

Focus Area 3:   Economic prosperity

For the Shire to be open for business with a growing and successful economy and jobs for all.


3.1  To deliver the critical infrastructure that will create the conditions for economic growth across the Shire

3.2  To be business friendly and the Shire of choice for inward investment in the Kimberley

3.3  Develop and retain skilled people that business need to succeed

Focus Area 4:  Civic leadership

We will deliver services to the community efficiently, provide leadership and governance that is future thinking, transparent and accountable.


4.1  Effective representation through advocacy at a regional, state and national level

4.2  Good decision making though engagement with the community

4.3  Ensure a strong and progressive organisation delivering customer focused services

4.4  Sustainably maintain the Shire’s financial viability

Council Decision-making Criteria

To ensure that the Shire is mains a balance between aspirations and affordability Council have developed a set of decision-making criteria.  These criteria show what Council takes into account when considering significant issues. They reflect our values and the decision-making approach applied to developing the Shire’s plans and will continue to be applied as it is implemented.

How well does it fit our Strategic Direction?

Does the option help to achieve our vision and goals?

Who benefits?

How are the benefits distributed across the community?

Can we afford it?

How well does the option fit within our long term financial plan? What do we need to do to manage the costs over the lifecycle of the asset / project / service?

Does the community support it?

How well informed is the community about the costs and benefits of the option? What is the level of community support? Is the community united or divided? What is the evidence?

Does it involve an acceptable level of risk?

What level of risk is associated with the option? How can it be managed? Does the residual risk fit within our risk tolerance level?

Community feedback

We recognise that the Shire is able to make better informed decisions when it engages with the community. the Community Strategic Plan is a living document and we welcome and encourage your feedback and input into the plan.  

If you wish to provide input into the future plan for the Shire please use the simple survey tool by following the link below:

For further information regarding Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, please contact Christopher Grant at